10 Differences Between VertuoPlus and Evoluo

Difference Between Vertuoplus And Evoluo

Have you been a Nespresso fan since it was first introduced? Perhaps its line of coffee makers led you to appreciate homemade espresso brews further.

Nespresso is one of the biggest names in the coffee market. It continuously offers various upgrades – with VertuoPlus and Evoluo as the recent additions in their quality collection. They share similarities ranging from functionality to quality. But of course, only one will prevail according to your fondness.

Ready to explore the world of espresso machines? Have detailed, satisfying information as I compare these two popular coffee brewers. In the end, decide which one makes a valuable investment.

VertuoPlus vs. Evoluo


  • Includes three pods and a moving water tank
  • Allows up to five drink sizes
  • Has a motorized head
  • The Deluxe version has a 60-ounce water tank capacity
  • Takes 15-20 seconds before heating up


  • Has two pods and water tanks
  • Offers two drink sizes
  • The detachable, foldable drip tray
  • The Deluxe version has a 54-ounce water tank capacity
  • Heats up in around or less than 15 seconds

Differences Between VertuoPlus and Evoluo

1. Manufacturer

VertuoPlus and Evoluo are the products of Nespresso. However, it partners with other reputable brands, namely DeLonghi and Breville. De’Longhi represents Evoluo, while Vertuo lines are from Breville.

2. Weight

Size does matter when it comes to picking a coffee machine. Can your kitchen accommodate a larger space? Planning to bring the unit every time there’s a local gathering? Fortunately, these two machines are compact, portable, and lightweight. Evoluo is smaller, though, weighing eleven pounds. VertuoPlus weighs 12.4 pounds.  

3. Motorized Head

The motorized head is a useful feature as it allows you to operate the coffee maker with a push-button. You won’t even have to impale the capsule through a force close. VertuoPlus features a motorized head, therefore making it highly simple and convenient to use.

4. Water Reservoir Capacity

Both standard models feature 40 ounces of water reservoir capacity. They only differ when it comes to deluxe versions, which we have stated earlier.

5. Cup Sizes

They offer five brew size options (ranging from 1.35-14 ounces) and can help you prepare different varieties. These include a cup of coffee, gran lungo, alto, and a double espresso. However, there exists a variation in quantity. Some models of Evoluo can produce a full cup of coffee or a single espresso shot.

6. Capsule Container

Capsule containers are where you store and manage used capsules. Both machines have sizable boxes that can accommodate up to seventeen spent capsules.

7. Coffee Temperature

If you’re a busy individual who wants to serve a hot coffee immediately, Evoluo is a top pick. The difference is only five seconds, though. But still, it’s a big plus for on-the-go persons.

8. Performance

Evoluo once again captured the interest of coffee lovers in this aspect. Besides heating up faster, the temperature consistently ranges from 67 to 68° Celsius. As for VertuoPlus, you can expect nothing but simplicity. The performance is highly dependable. The temperature hits the 67° Celsius mark.

9. Noise Level

Do you live in a small apartment with your roommates or a small residence with your other family members? If so, you’ll likely prefer a machine that emits low noise. In that case, the VertuoPlus is a superior alternative. The Evoluo tends to produce a bit louder noise, especially when brewing espresso beans.

10. Price

Both models are available in cost-efficient price tags. Much cheaper than full-size espresso units. Their prices are quite less. Some stores may charge Evoluo at a steeper amount. In contrast, other stores may consider VertuoPlus as a high-priced model.

Similarities Between VertuoPlus and Evoluo

Here, both models have more similarities.

1. Centrifusion Technology

This technology is another outstanding feature that both coffee makers have. It performs extraction by mixing hot water and ground coffee. They are swirled at 7000 revolutions per minute (RPM). Hence, delivering flavorful coffee with a thick layer of rich crema.

2. Automatic Blend Recognition

It works together with the above technology. Again, it’s available in both models. The barcode technology determines which pod you have placed. It also decides the type of settings to use for brewing an ideal cup of a blend. It adjusts five different settings. These are the flow rate, cup size, temperature, and rotational speed. It also regulates the total time required for the water to come into contact with the blend.

Overfilling crema is the only issue you can encounter using the Evoluo machine. Most coffee geeks have reported overflowing milk from their cups. And, this could possibly happen even if you set the level lower than the recommended amount size.

3. Coffee Pods

These machines also use pre-made coffee pods. Each pod is only available to use once and must be thrown out after. It is expensive, which is a disadvantage for some. Some stores claim to sell cheaper pod alternatives. But there’s no such price.

You might be hurting how you make coffee. Go to Nespresso instead and buy the necessary pods for your next brews. But the good news, there are reusable pods made in stainless steel.

4. Automatic Shut Off Feature

Always have an issue forgetting to switch off your brewing machine after use? That’s not the case with both these models. Both have an automatic shut off feature. They automatically close off after nine minutes of getting stuck. Not only will you save energy bills, but it will give you safety too.

How About Frothing Capability?

Unfortunately, Evoluo and VertuoPlus are not able to froth milk for milk-based coffee and espresso drinks. You can still do so, but you have to use a particular accessory. That means laying out extra cash. Both units include Aeroccino milk frother once you purchase any machine. The frother machine measures 7.2-inch in height and 3.9-inch in diameter.

Final Verdict – VertuoPlus or Evoluo?

Let your personal needs or requirements for a coffee machine to decide it. But generally, VertuoPlus is more commended due to its advanced features. It can brew a better drink than Evoluo. It’s a time-saving and suitable way to make morning cups of coffee.

Capsules ensure there’s no spilling of coffee powder over your kitchen counters. You don’t even have to grind beans and compress grounds. But what gives VertuoPlus a real selling point? It’s a 2-in-1 coffee machine you can alternate however you like.

When picking, consider the space you can provide for the machine. How much time can you wait for the brew to boil down and prepare some cups? Do you prefer a sleek and powerful tool? Perhaps reliability, speed, and efficiency are what you’re mostly looking for?

No matter which you choose, you’ll still have a wonderful coffee unit. Whether beginner or experienced, you will find these machines are more comfortable than others.

How Much Caffeine Do VertuoPlus and Evoluo Contain?

Both Evoluo and VertuoPlus are designed as a coffee and espresso maker. Their caffeine content ranges from 70 to 180 milligrams. Note that several factors affect the amount of caffeine. Bean variation and coffee blends (Arabica and Robusta) are the core determinants. The roasting level also has an impact on the amount of variation.

Is VertuoPlus or Evoluo Better Than Deluxe Versions?

There are three important differences to consider when choosing between models. They all vary from design to water capacity to coffee sizes. Deluxe versions are a better fit if you are looking for bigger coffee sizes and water tanks. The design is a plus point too. There are minimalistic yet modern and sophisticated designs. But then again, your budget and personal preferences still have the final verdict.

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