7 Difference Between Frappuccino and Iced Coffees

Difference Between Frappuccinos And Iced Coffees

Cold coffee drinks, especially iced coffee and Frappuccino, have long been crowd-pleasers. Perfect for that morning kickstart or an afternoon pick-me-up, these beverages reign supreme in many local coffee shops.

But ever wonder about the unique qualities that set them apart? Although both are iced, each boasts its own tantalizing flavor and health benefits.

If you’ve found yourself puzzled over their differences, you’re not alone. Join me as we explore and compare these coffee sensations, guiding you to the perfect choice for your next caffeine fix.

Frappuccino vs Iced Coffees

Both significantly differ when it comes to ingredients, process, and preparation.

Frappuccino is originally a trademark of Starbucks. You can make it by mixing various flavors, such as coffee, caramel, or chocolate with ice. It is sweet, but you should never serve it hot. Usually pricier than iced coffee.

Iced coffee is a generic term and prepared nearly like hot coffee. Besides, it offers a refreshing, less acidic, and light taste. You can add vanilla, sugar, or other additives. It is cheaper than a Frappuccino.

What Is Frappuccino?

It is a chilled and coffee or crème based mixed beverage. Optional toppings and add-ins vary, including milk and flavorings. Heavily defined as the drink of Starbucks.

However, it did not originate in the store. It was George Howell who decided to sell the rights of the Frappuccino name, with his chain, to Starbucks.

Coffee and crème are the two lines available. Each contains specific amounts of espresso shots or Frappuccino Roast pumps. They are available in various cup sizes – 12, 16, and 24 ounces.

What Is Iced Coffee?

It is near to what it sounds like, regularly cold-brewed coffee. The ingredients you need in preparing it are very similar to a regular drink.

It is a refreshing, energizing, and delectable summertime favorite. But of course, you can still have some cups of it during dull weather. It depends on you.

Many believe its induction happened during the mid-1800s in Algeria. Since then, its popularity has skyrocketed.

Coffee enthusiasts and regular drinkers often add flavored sweeteners, pints of milk, and creamers. They produce concoctions that practically bear a resemblance to desserts.

Making your own iced coffee is just straightforward. You can use either coffee drip maker or the popular pour-over method. Both can guarantee a tasty finish after all. End it with your favorite substitute and enjoy it with your friends.

Differences Between Frappuccino and Iced Coffee

I’ve given you a glimpse of the differences between the two. Now, let’s discuss them further.

1. Iced Coffee Uses Instant Coffee

Both beverages have coffee as the main ingredient. Iced coffee is preferred if you want to maintain loyalty to instant coffees. It promotes sulky and strong flavor. Frappuccino do not use instant coffee. Only the brewed beans.

2. Frappuccino Is Espresso-Made

Starbucks uses a Frappe-Roast for preparing their cups of Frappuccino. It is a type of concentrated instant coffee that creates a more consistent texture.

3. Iced Coffee Has Quick Brew Time

If the brewing method concerns you a lot, iced coffee is a better alternative. It is brewed with hot water and then drizzled over or chilled on ice. The best optimal extraction temperature ranges from 195 to 205 Fahrenheit.

Whereas for cold brew like Frappuccino, the brewing time is quite long. One can brew it at cold or room temperature, naturally between twelve and forty-eight hours.

4. Frappuccino Is Also Made With NO Coffee

Many times, you’ll feel like coffee is not your thing. What you want is a sweet, subtle, chilled, and refreshing drink. And, I am talking about the other side of Frappuccino. Unlike iced coffee, you are not limited to just plain coffee with a few add-ons. You have Mocha, Cream, and Strawberries Frappuccino.

5. Iced Coffee Is Enjoyed Worldwide With Assorted Variations

Sure, you can have a homemade Frappuccino in the comfort of your home. However, nothing beats the original taste and style. Plus, you can only stick to the menu variations.

That’s not the case with iced coffee. It is entirely free. You can interpret and reinterpret it as you like. An example of an iced coffee is frappe.

Several countries have been experimenting with the ingredients. Serbia, for instance, prepares frappe with whipped cream and ice cream as toppings.

While in Denmark, it is stirred in milk. There’s a lot more actually; from closest representations of the original blend to a bit.

6. Frappuccino Is Also Purchased in Bottles

Yes, Starbucks did that! And it is the only company that offers such variation. Such an excellent option if you need an afternoon pick-me-up that will let you enjoy the drink longer.

7. Frappuccino Has Loads of Sugar and Cream

It is both good and bad news. Good news if you prefer drinking a flavorsome and sweet drink. Frappuccino will surely satisfy your cravings. And, bad news for people who maintain a strict figure or weight. Its calorie count is reasonably high.

The blend contains flavored and sweetened whipped cream alongside cream and sugar. One can add various syrups, too. Did you know that Strawberry Frappuccino has a total of 250 calories?

Espresso Frappuccino races in number, with 150 calories. White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino has the highest calorie – hitting 420. 

So, in this battle, iced coffee is undoubtedly the real winner. It only has a lower calorie amount. Some brews hold about 50 calories of milk. Though you may want to limit adding vanilla ice cream as it contains 137 calories.

Frappuccino or Iced Coffee? Which Is Better?

As coffee lovers always say, the best coffee depends on the taste and flavor you want. Each coffee variety has its strengths and weaknesses. To help you out, take these things in mind.

Iced coffee is a perfect beverage if you want a smoother coffee. It offers complete control over the amount of flavoring you wish to add. Sweeteners, creamers, sugar – anything will match the drink. Most of all, you can purchase iced coffee at local stores. That means putting those savory versions into reality. People who love making DIY coffee variants will mostly find it appealing.

On the other hand, Frappuccino may entice your appetite if you’re an avid Starbucks consumer. You cannot order it anywhere, unfortunately. But the good news, you can have your own blend. It’s not difficult, though. Several recipes are scattered online to help you get started.

Not to mention, the flavors are enormous. There’s a vanilla bean crème with a feel and taste similar to a milkshake. Generally light, creamy, and smooth. Do you still want to have a bitter taste of coffee? The meek coffee Frappuccino might suit your interest then.

Can You Make Iced Coffee With a Blender?

Definitely, yes! It’s a mainstream choice. It allows your beverage to have a significant boost and perfectly smooth mix. What you need are a few tablespoons of coffee, ice, milk, and sweetener.

Unique flavors are added, like cinnamon, peppermint syrup, or caramel sauce. You have the complete freedom to be as creative with your coffee as you want.

Does Frappuccino Only Taste Sweet?

Yes, that’s one unique feature of Frappuccino. Some have a blend of coffee drinks; others do not. Nevertheless, they practically taste syrupy.

Those with a sweet tooth will especially like the idea of adding Frappuccino as the main refreshment.

Although, you can also have an unsweetened variety. Take green tea Frappuccino, for instance.

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