Best French Press Coffee Maker Reviews in 2019

Walking up to a coffee shop and seeing the big and peculiar coffee machines is a treat to the eyes. Brewing coffee seems complicated but nothing in this world is impossible. For everyone who is a diehard fan of coffee, preparing your own cup is essential and quite simple too. Let me break the myth that brewing coffee is challenging however you can make coffee in its purest form.

Today, for all you devoted coffee lovers, I have done the hard work and gathered the top French press coffee makers that are easy to operate. Given the simple mechanism and reasonable pricing of these machines, choosing the right one can be tricky.

With the concentrated flavours of the aromatic coffee grounds, it is perfect to brew a hot cup out of the French coffee maker. Let us dig deep in the features, comparison, pros and cons of various makers that will help you settle down on the best one.

Best French Press Coffee Maker Comparison

Rank Name Ratings Price Container Dishwasher safe Material Discount Link

Frieling USA Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker

4.6/5 $$$ 36 oz Stainless Steel

Bodum COLUMBIA Thermal French Press Coffee Maker

4.6/5 $$ 31 oz Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Make

4.8/5 $ 34 oz Stainless Steel

Secura Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker

4.8/5 $ 34 oz Stainless Steel

French Press Coffee & Tea Makers 8 Cup

4.3/5 $ 34 oz Borosilicate Glass

No.1 Frieling USA Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker


  • Double wall insulation
  • Premium quality and keeps the coffee warm for long
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Makes rich tasting coffee within 4 minutes
  • Has metal filter that screens out sediment


  • A bit pricey as compared to other models

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Make a cup of fantastic coffee with this superb French press coffee maker. Although the price is marked at $99.95 at Amazon, you can get it at discount in the sales period to cut down the cost. Of course, if you are paying this much, you get what you deserve. At this price, you might be expecting some exceptional features, so hold your breath and read what this little machine is capable of.

Frieling is a well known brand in bringing the quality, durability and appearance all in one product. Its double wall stainless carafe keeps the heat inside thus keeping the coffee hot for long time. Therefore, you can let your senses drool over the flavourful cup of coffee every time you sip. The cleaning is quite simple as no need to disassemble the plunger for washing. Put it in the dishwasher and there you go.

Given its timeless design, it is a good choice for those who love keeping smart appliances in the kitchen. Also, the stainless steel carafe makes it an ideal choice for regular use. Since it keeps hot beverages hot and cold ones cold, this coffee maker works wonders in brewing everything according to your mood. Not only for the coffee, but it can also be used for tea, milk, and juice etc.

No need to mess with this little thing as it has no cords and no filters. All you need is a cup and 4 minutes of your busy schedule to let this coffee maker prepare a tasteful and delicious coffee. As it can hold 33 ounces at one time, it is easy to entertain good crowd. Revered for its elegant designing and heat retention, it would be the smart addition to your kitchen. Choose from either an exterior mirror finish with interior brushed or an exterior and interior brushed finish. Over to you!

No.2 Bodum COLUMBIA Thermal French Press Coffee Maker


  • Prepares both tea and coffee
  • 3 part plunger and mesh filter
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Keeps the beverage hot for 2 hours


  • Coffee spills while pouring sometimes

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Bodum is a legend in manufacturing exquisite and elegant coffee makers and the Columbia is one such product that you can never get enough of. Since it helps you make tea as well as coffee, it is a great addition at the price of $56.64. This French press is designed impeccably and brews an excellent golden cup of coffee in the foggy mornings. Also, the compact size makes it a handy product that you can keep nearby the bed if you want to laze down on the weekends.

It is featured with triple parted plunger, mesh filter, stainless steel body, double walls and durable build. The mesh filter gives the most perfect coffee and the double insulated walls keep the beverage warm for a couple of hours. Isn’t it the bonus point? Other than that, you can grab this carafe in various sizes i.e. 17oz, 34oz and 51 oz.

Additional highlights include a safety lid that keeps the heat inside and prevents the coffee from spilling. Wash it in the dishwasher and make a strong grip over the oversized ergonomic handle. So what are you waiting for? Keep it on the countertop and give a nice enhancement to the kitchen as it will never look out of place as the curved design is in trend always.

No.3 Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Make


  • Brews both tea and coffee
  • Stainless steel plunger and filter
  • Mirror finish
  • Double insulation that holds brewing temperature of 195-205F


  • Couldn’t find any con of this super amazing product

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Why the coffee from this maker tastes so differently? Because it gives you complete control over the infusion time as you can keep the coffee inside as much as you want to get a strong and bold cup. Coffee junkies love spending money in the cafeterias and baristas to satisfy their inner self. They think that a huge discussion about the temperature, froth, color, texture and filtration is a big deal but actually it’s not. All you need is a cup and that’s all! With this French press, you get everything you want like flavour, aroma, essential coffee oils and easy to use and clean attribute.

This French press is loaded with handsome features i.e. stainless steel body, mirror finish outside and brushed finish inside, double insulation. And you know what? The price is $21.95, yes you read that right. Add this French press to your cart now and give your senses a fantastic treat of amazingly flavoured home brewed coffee or tea.

No.4 Secura Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker


  • Easy to clean filter screen
  • Cool touch handle
  • Stainless steel interior and exterior


  • Doesn’t keep the coffee warm for long
  • Need to wash immediately to avoid rusting

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Coffee-ists who cannot afford buying expensive coffee makers, this product from the house of Secura is specially designed for you. This multi layered stainless steel maker stops the coffee grounds from getting into the cup while brewing. Therefore, it is an ideal pick to sip a fresh and hot cup of coffee at anytime. Craving in the middle of the night? Jump off the bed and head to kitchen to make your aromatic coffee in 18/10 steel maker.

The cool touch knob makes sure you don’t burn your hand while pouring. Available at a handsome price of $21.95, it is a valuable member of your kitchen. Since the filter screen is easy to disassemble, you can easily clean it in the dishwasher. Enjoy your favourite espresso with a refined taste as this coffee maker produces an excellent full bodied flavour. Never miss out on the awesome product at this stunning price and the mind blowing capacity of 34 ounces.

No.5 French Press Coffee & Tea Makers 8 Cup


  • Comes with extra screens that makes a smooth cup of coffee
  • Filters don’t let the coffee grounds get in the cup
  • Made of heat resistant borosilicate glass


  • Feels tiny and a bit cheap as compared to other models

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Make the best tasting coffee in this French press as it has some of the mind blowing features like heat resistant borosilicate glass, elegant designing and two extra screens. It is a beautiful, bright and shiny maker made of 304 grade stainless steel. Since it has double screens, the coffee grounds get filtered and you can sip a smooth and silky cup of coffee while sitting down on your couch.

Also, it is noiseless and the frame that protects the borosilicate glass protected is a nice addition by the manufacturer. Although the stainless steel material is durable, the glass French press looks quite smart on the countertop. After brewing coffee, simply clean it by running the screen under hot tap water and there you go! Buy it at a jaw dropping price of $27.95 at Amazon.

What to consider when buying the best French press coffee maker?

Well, this was all about the variants of coffee makers from different brands. Now is the time to look into the factors that will help you decide the best one. Make sure that the one you choose is worth, durable, good looking and of nice capacity before making the final purchase. Evaluate the points here:


Glass and stainless steel are the most used materials for French press coffee maker. Glass material is perfect in looks and easy to use whereas stainless steel is non reactive and provides outstanding heat retention. With glass French press, you can see what’s brewing inside and to what strength but with stainless steel, durability factor comes in notice at the first place. Make sure to check if it has double insulated walls and is dishwasher safe to get the best out of the maker. So what’s your pick?


To get a full cup of coffee, a French press has an incredible performance. If you are the one who loves to spend some time alone with your cup, then small maker is your way to go. On the other hand, if you wish to make good number of cups, capacity is important. For a more generous capacity, choose a maker with large capacity but make sure that it keeps the coffee hot for long time.


Of course, the most important factor to consider is the price. Although you want to buy the best carafe in terms of construction material, capacity, ease of use and other factors etc. yet it is essential to keep a check on the price also. A slight difference in the price can shake your budget but you get quality when you pay for it. French press which are priced heavy are much more solid, durable, of premium quality and offer better heat retention as compared to the low priced ones.


A good French press comes with manufacturer’s warranty so ensure to check what all things are covered in the warranty card. Any defects, issues with lid and other small damages can make the carafe useless so don’t forget to take a look on the card.


Well, this is really hard reviewing these products because of their super simple mechanism and the prices. As per my personal opinion, I would like to go for Bodum Columbia only because it is available in three sizes unlike other products.

It is quite hard finding such an awesome French press at this price, of course, the other makers are also performing well in the market but my choice is Bodum. But if you want to go for budget friendly maker, then either Secura or Stainless Steel French press are the options.

Additionally, if you wish to spend good money to get all the commendable features, grab the Frieling French press without a second thought.

Hope you liked this detailed guide on French press coffee makers! Take your final decision and make your first cup of coffee.

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