Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine Review

Quelling our daily espresso urges at coffee shops is tough as we have to give away lot of bucks to grab a regular cup of coffee. Producing fast, smooth and richest espresso at home is now possible within a matter of minutes. Also, retaining the natural flavour and freshness of the coffee beans is what every coffee drinker wants. And guess what – we are here to introduce you to an exciting espresso coffee maker that is a perfect answer to all your coffee concerns.

Coffee lovers love this wonderful alternative i.e. Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine to cafe brewed espresso. This machine promises to deliver a rich espresso every time you push the button for brewing. Plus, all the features are mind-blowing to keep the users hooked for long time and because you are looking for a good semi automatic espresso machine, this one is sure to catch your attention. To make for domestic needs, Breville Barista Express strikes the best balance between the price and functioning.

This unit is crafted for consumers who really want to enjoy a hot cup of espresso at the ease of home. No need to go out as it comes equipped with a number of functions, features and extra accessories to make you an espresso guru. The price is pretty reasonable for all the segments and the beautiful colors are the USP of this unit. Let us read in more detail about its design, features, pros and cons to take a fair decision.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to clean, comes with a storage compartment for cleaning tools
  • Built in grinder saves space and is valuable
  • Different espresso shots can be produced with customizable settings
  • Delivers milk extraction and frothing simultaneously with heat exchange boiler
  • Clean me light indicates when cleaning cycle is required
  • Removable drip tray for easy cleanup
  • Filter size button indicates the single or double wall filter basket being used
  • Hands free grinding cradle which helps the grinder to stop automatically when the indicated amount has been reached
  • No slip feet prevents slipping when the grinder is on


  • The drip tray fills up fast
  • Grind spray on counters so it is a mess when in use

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Designed keeping the consumer in mind, the Breville Barista Express is built from a sturdy material to serve you for longer years. The luxurious sleek stainless steel casing looks attractive and lends a unique appearance to your kitchen counter. For the contemporary kitchens, this unit is a must have as it is an evergreen model which looks professional also. Since it is featured with a removable drip tray, the cleaning is easy. Plus, there is a hideaway storage compartment to keep the cleaning tools all in one place. To transform your kitchen into a mini coffee shop, you can find this unit in three gorgeous colors i.e. black sesame, cranberry red and stainless steel.


This unit occupies a modest counter space and given the extra accessories included in the package, it should not be missed at this cost. It not only looks fantastic but also works like a commercial espresso machine. Here are the features to review:

Delivers Fresh Coffee in Seconds

Coffee world is all about freshness and richness, Breville justifies both these elements in seconds. This unit is capable of delivering freshness as the ground beans lose their flavour by the time 5 minutes has passed. To get taste, Breville captures the freshness with beans to espresso in under a minute and provides quality espresso with the help of integrated burr grinder. Thanks to the manufacturers for designing such an awesome espresso unit that knows how to satisfy the taste buds of a coffee enthusiast.

In built conical grinder

Add the coffee beans into the ? pound bean hopper where it is grinded into the stainless steel burr grinder. Every ounce of rich and fresh flavours is extracted to leave a heavenly aroma all around. The maximized surface area of grind ensures to deliver a richest essence and the bean hopper locks in for safety and storage. With the burr grinder, it grinds what you need in the portafilter and because it is adjustable, you have the control over taste.

15 bar Pump and Accurate Temperature

The Barista Express has been featured with 15 bar pump and thermocoil heating system that ensures of consistent extraction by trimming the puck. The flat shower head and pre brew function optimally distributes the water. Plus, the digital temperature controls delivers accurate regulation of water temperature to give you a full flavoured espresso at your convenience.

Volumetric Controls

Talking about its volume controls, this feature has taken away all the attention of the coffee fans. Breville has added a feature to produce one or two shots of espresso settings by which you can control the volume. To manually control the extraction or create pre set times, it has a low pressure pre infusion option to increase pressure. Since these volume controls are easy to use, this machine is one of the best sellers of this price segment.

Grind selector

There is a reason why Breville hits the top list every time any research is made on the best espresso machines. You can choose among grind settings from fine to coarse depending on your drink preferences. Also, there is a feature to adjust the amount of freshly ground espresso into the filter basket.

Should you buy it?

If you are new to espresso and coffee making, want the best espresso machine, then Breville is the one for you. Although it is a little pricey, yet the convenience and taste is outstanding. It has easily adjustable settings to give you more control over your drink preferences and not only will it let you enjoy your perfect espresso, it will make you an expert barista at home. Suitable for those who don’t want to leave the comfort of their home, Breville is a choicest unit to make great tasting coffee. But if you are a coffee nerd who needs pre infusions and dual boilers, look at a price point in the $2000-3000 range.


For both dedicated baristas and beginners, Breville is not to miss. When it comes to features and extra accessories, it has got you all covered. Since coffee making is not a rocket since, it makes it even easier to brew lattes, cappuccinos, lattes and espressos. With its super fast technology, you can expect a cup of nice coffee without any extra fuss. Although not the cheapest machine in the market, yet customers have ranked it really high based on the benefits and performance. For an average coffee lover, it is a nice unit built with all the basic features. You need not compromise with the quality, coffee making ability and ease of use etc.

Invest in this sleek and lavish looking machine to play around with different settings.

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