Bunn Coffee Maker Overflows – Why & How To Fix?

It’s pretty understandable that everyone wants a fresh cup of coffee from their Bunn Coffee Maker. It gives them the boost to begin all the regular activities without feeling worn out or being lazy. But surviving the entire day without coffee seems pretty unusual.

With all the workload, stress, unemployment, and even incomplete sleep, it can be pretty difficult for people to conduct all their activities.

This is where a cup of fresh and hot coffee comes in. Coffee is something that helps people to get going with their regular activities in over 190 nations. A fresh brew or a strong cup of coffee will certainly make you feel refreshed.

But when the Bunn Coffee Maker starts to overflow, you might not get the fresh cup of coffee that you normally did. So, what’s the problem here? Why is the coffee maker overflowing? Let’s learn about them in detail through this article.

Why Exactly Does The Coffee Maker Overflow?

why exactly does the coffee maker overflow?

There are several reasons why the coffee machine overflows. So, what are these reasons? Let’s find out.

Wrong Water Level

The water level will certainly affect the performance of the coffee machine. When the water level is pretty low, the coffee machine will not function properly.

This can lead to an overflow. You have to make sure that there is enough water for the normal brewing cycle.

The Grinder Is Not Properly Set

There are many grinders that fail to adjust the various kinds of coffees that are available in the market today.

Due to such reasons, the machine might overflow even when you have poured more than how much the coffee grinder can support.

When you’re using the same type of coffee beans, there is a high chance that it has lost all its flavor and does not well properly anymore.

Poorly Leveled Coffee Machine

Overflowing can certainly take place when the coffee machine has poor leveling. The coffee ground should be leveled properly to prevent the water from leaking out on the base of the coffee machine or the floor.

Overfilled Basket

Filling up the coffee ground way too much is also why the coffee machine overflows. When you don’t fill it up properly, the filter basket will not make the correct seal, and it will lead to overflowing.

How To Fix The Overflowing Issue Of The Coffee Machine?

how to fix the overflowing issue of the coffee machine?

When you’re experiencing an overflowing issue with the coffee machine, you don’t need to panic. Instead, you should look for certain ways through which you can resolve this problem effectively.

Here, under this section, you will learn about some of the ways through which you can easily fix the overflowing problem of the coffee machine.

Adjust The Brew Volume To A Certain Level

There are countless reasons why the overflow issue occurs in coffee machines. One of the most crucial things which you need to check to prevent the overflowing from occurring is by adjusting the brew volume.

Coffee makers can brew only up to a specific volume and extent, which is already pre-specified in all coffee machines,

You just have to adjust the brew volume so that you can set it to the maximum capacity. When you adjust the brew volume more than its capacity, it will certainly overflow.

That’s why you should check the brew volume and set it up to a certain limit so that it does not overflow.

Remove The Left-Over Coffee From The Coffee Pot

remove the left-over coffee from the coffee pot

Not getting rid of the leftover coffee from the pot is another great reason for overflow in coffee makers.

If there is coffee left from the previous batch, make sure to remove it completely. Not doing so can lead to overflowing, even when you make adjustments to the brew volume.

You need to check whether or not the coffee pot is empty. If not, you should get rid of the leftover coffee properly.

If you regularly do so whenever you prepare the coffee, there will be no chance of any leakage within the machine.

Use Bunn Coffee Filters Instead Of Store Ones.

Yes, there are people who utilize cheap-quality coffee filters. But these cheap filters cannot stop the leakage from occurring in the coffee machine.

These filters will certainly make the issue much worse. The Bunn Coffee Filters are pretty tall and are also of high quality.

When you use cheap quality filters, you find out that they are pretty dense and can lead to the spilling of coffee.

The Bunn coffee filter can make a lot of difference when you use it for your coffee machine. You are free to make some circular holes on these filters so that the coffee-making process is a bit more streamlined.

It will also help you to properly brew the coffee without any coffee or water overflow problem.

Resealing The Leaky Gasket

Another problem that has been experienced in NHBX, GRX, and BX Bunn coffee machines is that within several years or months of using them, the water present inside will start to leak.

When the water gets poured right on top of the machine, it will start draining through the gasket hole and will start leaking from all the sides and also from the backside of the machine. If you wish to avoid this, you need to follow these points:

Point 1

You need first to open the top section of the coffee machine, and you will encounter two screws, which are for the fill door. You can easily remove these screws with a screwdriver. But you don’t have a screwdriver, you can get it from an offline or online platform.

Point 2

When you open the water-fill door at the top, you will find 4 more screws. You have to unscrew them, and don’t forget to take the white plunger out. The plunger plays a crucial role when it comes to controlling the water flow.

It’s viewed as a safety lever, which stops the overflowing from taking place from the decanter. But that, it’s not that enough so that you stop the leakage. That’s why we should apply this technique to stop the water from overflowing.

Point 3

Once all 4 screws at the top section are taken out from the decanter, you will find the entrance hole on the coffee machine from the inside.

The water leakage takes place because of these two holes because of the gap. When you fill up this “GAP,” you can certainly stop the water leakage from this particular hole.

Point 4

You can fix this leakage problem by using a silicone sealing kit and closing up the leakage part of the coffee machine decanter completely.

You will get these kits from the online platform and then apply them to the decanter hole. Be sure to apply a bigger end beneath the decanter, and then you can easily fix this problem nicely.

Point 5

When you want to apply the silicone lotion to apply the seat washer kit properly, you can do so without much problem.

How Much Coffee & Water Needed You Should Put?

how much coffee & water needed you should put to avoid Bunn coffee maker overflows

Choosing the correct amount of water and coffee for the coffee machine is the right thing to do. But it will also help you lessen all the issues that you might experience with the machine.

So, to make sure that overflowing or any other problems doesn’t take place, you should provide 4 cups to 10 cups of water in the coffee machine.

After that, you need to add 2 tablespoons of coffee for a mild brew and 3 tablespoons for a potent brew.

Brew A Fresh Cup Of Coffee Without Overflowing The Machine

brew a fresh cup of coffee without overflowing the machine

Overflowing is a problem that can occur anytime and also for various reasons. This can cause other issues to take place.

So, to make sure that this type of issue does not take place, you should check the information provided in this post.

It contains information on the problems that can lead to overflowing, and you can prevent the overflowing from occurring.

Be sure to go through all the points to have a good understanding because it will be helpful for you when you’re planning to get a coffee machine in the future.

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