Bunn Commercial Coffee Maker Troubleshooting

Bunn Commercial Coffee Maker Troubleshooting

Is your Bunn NHBX Coffee maker causing you trouble? Well, don’t stress; we are here for you. Today, this article will provide you with valuable insights into some of the common troubleshooting of your Bunn Commercial Coffee Maker.

A cup of caffeine is a must-have for late-night workers, morning sleepyheads, and also for caffeine lovers. And coffee makers are nothing but trustworthy sidekicks for these people.

Likewise, the Bunn NHBX coffee maker ensures that coffee lovers have their favorite drink right at their disposal. The coffee maker is so efficient that it saves you both time and energy in brewing your coffee.

However, like any other appliance, your coffee maker is highly likely to face certain unpredicted and troublesome issues. Worst of all, your coffee maker might stop functioning at a certain point and won’t dispense your coffee.

If you ever experience this issue, then you need not worry much. In fact, you will not have to spend even a cent to purchase another coffee maker or fix it.

Now that you are here, this troubleshooting guide will help you to resolve all the prevailing issues with your coffee maker. Here we have collated a few troubleshooting suggestions that will help you brew the perfect cup of coffee!

Let’s dive in.

Common Issues with Bunn NHBX Coffee Machine And Their Fixes

If you are experiencing any issues with your coffee machine, you can consider correcting them yourself. Here, in this section, we have listed a few issues that you’re likely to confront. Please keep reading until the end to find out the root cause that’s fetching trouble for your coffee maker.

Problems Related to Liquid

Some of the liquid-related issues that you might experience are:

The filling Time of the Water Tank is Taking Longer Than Usual

At times you might notice that your coffee maker’s water tank is taking longer to fill. So, if you ever experience such issues, you can try troubleshooting on your own:

  • Check if the control board or solenoid valve of your Bunn coffee maker is damaged.
  • Find out whether the water supply line of your coffee maker is clean. If it takes longer for water to fill the tank, then you’ll know it’s having difficulty passing through. So, you need to clean the supply line of your brewing appliance regularly and replace it when it’s worn out.

Water is Leaking or Overflowing

water is leaking or overflowing

If you ever notice that your Bunn coffee maker is overflowing or leaking, then you can consider troubleshooting on your own:

  • Adjust your brew volume and make sure that it has the right setting. If your brewing level is set too high, your coffee maker will likely overflow. Please go through the user manual to learn about the correct settings for your Bunn coffee maker.
  • Make sure your brewing vessel is empty while you commence your brewing procedure. You need to check under the funnel for the server and ensure that it’s fully empty. And if you ever start a new brewing cycle with the leftover coffee, your coffee maker might overflow.
  • Try incorporating a cleaning and de-liming procedure for your Bunn coffee maker.
  • Sometimes, a wrong or inappropriate paper filter or coffee grind can leak your coffee maker. So, it’s best if you consider using some other coffee grind or filter paper for doing the job.
  • Your coffee maker’s spray head might get damaged over time. So, you can consider replacing the spray head with another one. Sometimes, your brewer’s spray head might only require a recalibration to adjust the brew volume.

Problems Related to Temperature

problems related to temperature

When you use your Bunn Coffee maker inappropriately, or the electrical wires are damaged, it is likely to promote heating issues. But if the heating issue is related to the electrical wires, it’s better to get in touch with a technician.

However, you can also self-troubleshoot and find out the exact reason that’s promoting temperature-related issues:

  • Your brewer might not heat properly if you don’t allow it to get heated at the right temperature.
  • The models of Bunn coffee makers are endless, and each comes with different functionalities. If you are unaware of its features and exact functionalities, you must carefully go through the user manual. This will tell you where you are exactly going wrong while handling your coffee brewer.
  • If your coffee brewer is causing you trouble with the electrical parts, then you’ll definitely require technician assistance. Dealing with electrical wires unprofessionally is too dangerous. So you must contact a trusted technician who has the right expertise.

Problems Related to Structure

problems related to structure

Sometimes, certain parts of your coffee maker might fetch you trouble by not functioning appropriately. And this primarily happens due to misplacement or certain external factors.

You should note that coffee machines normally experience vibrations during the brewing cycle. But if it appears oddly, then it needs to be fixed. Some of the most common structure-related issues that you might experience are:

Bunn Coffee Maker is Not Starting

When your coffee machine is experiencing difficulty starting, then you can try troubleshooting the following:

  • Ensure that the output voltage of your Bunn coffee maker is appropriate. But if the power supply is not compatible, you need to consult a technician.
  • In order to start your Bunn coffee maker, it needs to have a constant power supply. Check whether you have switched on the power source for your appliance.

Bunn Coffee Maker is Not Brewing Coffee

bunn coffee maker is not brewing coffee

If your coffee maker is having trouble brewing coffee properly, then you need to check for the water supply first. If the water is not entering the machine properly, then there’s probably some obstruction or leak in the lines.

When turned off, check the shut-off valve that cuts the water supply.

Bunn Coffee Maker is Making Unnatural Vibrations and Noises

If you experience this problem, then you can try the following troubleshooting solutions:

  • Check whether the inlet solenoids are tight enough for the right fit.
  • Check whether the plumbing, water lines, and inlet solenoids are positioned appropriately.
  • Follow a cleaning and de-liming procedure at regular intervals.
  • Check whether the tank heaters are functioning appropriately.

Problems Related to Beverage Taste

problems related to beverage taste

Only a die-hard caffeine lover will know how coffee actually tastes. If your coffee brewer is not doing its job appropriately, it might end up bland brewing coffee.

Some quick ways to troubleshoot this issue are:

  • Try placing the filter paper correctly on the funnel
  • Check whether the spray head is working appropriately
  • Ensure that the temperature of the water is not too low
  • Consider using some other coffee grind or filter paper

Maintaining Your Bunn NHBX Coffee Maker

The quickest way to fix your Bunn NHBX Coffee maker is by cleaning, de-liming, and maintaining it properly. Mineral deposits in various parts of your coffee machine might bring forth more than mere technical problems.

You would definitely not enjoy your coffee getting mixed with waste products from your previous brewing cycles. So here are a few cleaning instructions that you can follow to keep your Bunn Coffee maker well-maintained:

maintaining your bunn nhbx coffee maker

  • While you prepare to clean your coffee maker, make sure that it is disconnected from electricity. Also, you need to check whether your coffee brewer is unplugged from its direct power source.
  • Firstly, you need to clean the outer portion of the appliance with mild soap and water. Don’t rinse the applied soap with running tap water. You can instead use a damp or dry cloth to clean the soap on the appliance’s body.
  • After that, you need to detach the brewing funnel from your coffee machine very carefully. You need to wash and sanitize the funnel thoroughly until it is perfectly clean.
  • Next, you are required to detach the spray head and clean it with mild soap. Please check that you thoroughly remove all the lime deposits from the spray head.

Once you are done with the entire cleansing procedure, reassemble your coffee machine as it is. Please ensure that you repeat the same task at least two to three times every week.

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