Can You Make Espresso In A French Press

Can You Make Espresso In A French Press

Many people, especially working-class individuals, depend on coffee to stay awake, stay sharp, or start their day. Espresso coffee is an incredible coffee type, which is not very common because you will need top quality and expensive espresso machines. This machine may not be available to you which is why this article has been put together.

Here, you will learn about an easy and affordable way to make an espresso coffee using a French press. 

Can You Make Espresso In A French Press?

Yes. The French press is a ubiquitous coffee-making device that is probably lying somewhere in your kitchen, making it reachable and affordable. Use the French press to make espresso by following a few steps:

  •         Grind the coffee
  •         Increase the temperature
  •         Using warm water
  •         Pour ground coffee
  •         Allow the coffee to bloom.
  •         Pour more water
  •         Allow it to brew for some time.
  •         Add some pressure
  •         Serve your espresso

How To Make Espresso In A French Press?

The French press method isn’t the ideal way of making espresso. It is rather an alternative to using the expensive espresso machine. If you can afford to purchase an espresso machine, that will be great. However, on the other hand, if you cannot get yourself an espresso machine, here is a detailed step-to-step guide on how to make an espresso using a French press.

Step 1: Start with some grinding.

Firstly, you need to grind your coffee into fine particles. This step has to be taken seriously because it will affect the outcome of your espresso. Finely grounded coffee is ideal because the flavor will be more expressed when it touches hot water.

However, with the way the French press was designed, particles that are finely grounded can pass through the filter. You will have to do a few trials until you achieve the best particle size that doesn’t pass through the filter. Use a high-quality coffee grinder to carry out the grinding process.

Step 2: Increase the temperature of the press.

Since the French press cannot heat water automatically, you will have to do it separately using a kettle. Boil water in the kettle for some minutes and pour inside the press. Before pouring the heated water in the press, don’t forget to remove the press’s plunger.

You don’t need much hot water. Just a bit will be enough to achieve our goal: to protect the cold glass from breaking while pouring the hot water. The other important reason is to increase the glass’s temperature so that the coffee remains hot when the processing starts.

Step 3: Pour your ground coffee.

In the first step, we ensured that the perfect coffee particle size was achieved. Awesome! In this step, you have to add the ideal amount of grounded coffee into the French press. How do you know the perfect amount of coffee to add? Mostly, it depends on your preference. We recommend that you pour the amount of coffee using the following guidelines:

  •         Add 20g of coffee per each cup of water in the French press.
  •         It also depends on the type of French press you are using. Increase the amount of coffee if you are using a 2-cup press.
  •         Don’t forget that espresso should have a more concentrated taste than regular coffee. So ensure to add more coffee grounds when making a cup of espresso.

Step 4: Allow the Coffee to Bloom

This step takes about 30 seconds. If you want your espresso to come out well with its flavored taste, you need to allow it to bloom.

Step 5: Pour More Water in the Press

The first thing we used the water to do is to heat the glass while the second thing is to moisturize the coffee. Now, add the remaining water in the French press. The water temperature must not be below or higher than 90 degrees.

Do you need a thermometer? Not exactly! If you use a kettle to heat your water, don’t pour the water immediately. Wait for about 30 seconds before pouring it into the press. Here is why: Water boils at 100 degrees. So if you wait for about 30 seconds, the temperature drops to 90 degrees. 

This step requires a little bit of measurement. Follow this step adequately to ensure that the ideal concentration and taste of espresso comes out. For every cup of water, you need 20 grams of finely ground coffee. You can use a measuring tool for precision.

Step 6: Give it some time to brew

Use a spoon to stir the coffee grounds to ensure that they don’t stick together. The plunger that was removed in the second step, put it back into the press without adding any pressure to the filter. You don’t want all the heat to escape from the press; It was sealed to ensure that. Do this for about four minutes to avoid getting a sour coffee.

 Step 7: Add some pressure

You can now push down the grounds with the plunger to reach the bottom of the press. Do it gently to avoid destroying the glass and other essential parts of the press. If many particles are left behind in the mixture, then it has not been finely grounded.

Step 8: Serve your espresso.

Finally, this is the last step of the French press technique. If you leave it inside the press, it can turn sour or bitter. Pour out the liquid into a cup and enjoy.  

Why Use A French Press?

Most people prefer to get a cup of espresso from a coffee shop instead of making it themselves. This is because the espresso machine used to make espresso is quite expensive. However, drinking a hot fresh homemade espresso is the best!

The French press method allows you to make your espresso with the flavor you want at a lesser cost. In summary, here are the reasons why a French press is perfect for making espresso:

  •         It is easy to reach. You can buy a French press in any local store near you.
  •         It is less expensive, unlike the espresso machine.
  •         It helps you avoid waste. You only grind the amount you need.
  •         It is ideal for home use.

What Is Blooming?

Coffee blooming is when you allow the finely ground coffee to release their gases and natural oils. Without these two key factors, the flavored and smooth taste of espresso may not be experienced. Ensure your coffee blooms by pouring one-quarter of the heated water to dampen the coffee. Don’t pour too much to avoid soaking the coffee in the press.

The Equipments Needed For This Technique

The success of this method relies on some essential tools. Here are the necessary tools you need to carry out this technique:

  •         French press
  •         Coffee grinder
  •         A cup or any container
  •         Measuring tool
  •         A spoon
  •         Coffee beans

Making a cup of espresso with a French press may seem a little complicated. If you follow these steps correctly with the right tools, you will get the right outcome. However, if you don’t get it right, there are only a few places to check: the right temperature and the right particle size. Get this right and enjoy a hot, fresh cup of espresso with a smooth taste.

Related Questions

Which is healthier, coffee or espresso?

The espresso is healthier than regular coffee because it contains some natural oils. Also, you don’t need a filter before making your espresso. Furthermore, it is believed that espresso can reduce the level of cholesterol in your blood.

Is French Press better than Drip machines when making espresso?

Yes, the French press is better than drip machines when making espresso. This is because the drip machine is designed with paper filters which can absorb the natural oils in the espresso. In this article, we learned that natural oils help the coffee taste and smell better. As a result, we can conclude that the French press can make better espresso than a drip machine.

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