Can You Use Instant Coffee In A Cafetiere

Can You Use Instant Coffee In A Cafetiere

Instant coffee gets granulated, dried, and brewed, making the process a lot more-easier it comes making coffee. You might not have the time to grind fresh coffee beans, for which using the instant one will be a good choice.?

So, if you want to know how you can use instant coffee within a French Press and make coffee, this article will provide you guidance.

Can You Use Instant Coffee In A Cafetiere?

Yes, you can easily make instant coffee in a cafetiere or a French Press.

You have to add coffee powder and water and make yourself an optimal mug of coffee.

Even though using instant coffee in a French Press is not an ideal way to make coffee, it saves you time.?

How to Use Instant Coffee In A Cafetiere?

When you have decided to use instant coffee within a French Press, there are several steps you have to follow. Following these steps carefully will enable you to brew coffee however you like. These steps are:

Steps 1: Clean The French Press Before Using

Cleaning your French Press is something that you must right before you use it for brewing coffee. Well, you certainly don’t want to use a cafetiere, which is unwashed and dirty.

When you make coffee within a dirty press, you will end up brewing coffee, which is way too bitter and carries an unpleasant taste. That is why, whenever you wish to brew fresh coffee, make sure to clean up the cafetiere first.?

Make sure to clean all the corners of the French Press and get rid of all the things in store. Use a soap dish or any other soap-based cleaning product for washing it.?

Step 2: Choose The Right Coffee

When you are determined to use instant coffee in the cafetiere, make sure to choose a coffee of the best quality. You will come across many types of instant coffee in the market.?

But be sure to opt for the one that provides you with the best brew and excellent taste. It’s requested that you choose the local brands instead of the expensive ones. That way, you will get to enjoy coffee and save plenty of cash as well.?

You can go to the nearby store to get coffee for yourself. Otherwise, you can easily obtain high-quality instant coffee from a local brand from the online store.?

Step 3: Look For The Best Ratio

Finding the perfect ratio can be challenging as every individual has their taste when it comes to coffee. You will come across numerous suggestions, but most of them circle 2 teaspoons to 3 teaspoons of coffee.?

Along with that, you need to add around 5 ounces of water. It will be much better, to begin with, a high because the coffee should be strong instead of being weak. But if the coffee came out too intense, try to add water.?

Doing so will help you balance the strongness. Otherwise, you can work all your down to find a brew strength, which is ideal for you.

Step 4: Stir It

Once you have added the water and instant coffee within the French Press or cafetiere, you must stir the mixture nicely and gently. Make sure you stir the coffee between 30 seconds to 60 seconds.?

Also, when you are stirring the coffee mixture, make sure to use a wooden spoon instead of a steel one. Since the cafetiere is made from glass and stirring with a steel spoon roughly might break it instantly.?

But using wood will prevent such issues from occurring. You might think this particular thing a bit too extreme. But in the early mornings, you might become way too energetic than you can imagine.

Step 5: Wait It Out

On certain occasions, when instant enjoyment becomes everything, the waiting work becomes a lot more complicated. But if you want the best things to happen in your life, it’s worth waiting for.?

The best steeping time for your cafetiere is around 4 minutes and time between 3 minutes to 6 minutes is also adequate. The 6 minutes of brewing will help in creating a much more potent brew of coffee.?

But making your coffee sit for way too long within a Fresh Press in a cafetiere might ruin the coffee even if you make the coffee sit for 5 minutes. It will provide you with a highly bitter taste.

Apart from that, it might also make the coffee too bitter for individuals. Also, if you are not a fan of extreme bitterness, when it comes to coffee, making it wait for over 4 minutes is not a good idea.?

Step 6: Pour, Plunge And Enjoy

The best part of the cafetiere is where you plunge its Press. Don’t forget to press the plunger way down right at the bottom area of the cafetiere.?

Once you have completed this step, all you have to do is pour your coffee within a mug or cup and enjoy your coffee.?

Make sure to empty the entire French Press or cafetiere once you complete your coffee-making work. The Press will not keep the coffee warm but make it impossible for you to drink.?

How Good Is French Press Coffee?

Coffee made through the cafetiere will provide you with a traditional brew of coffee. It’s because cafetieres do not come with a filter option and restrict you from missing out on all those coffee grounds.?

When you don’t filter the coffee, it will transfer all the oils and nutrients right into the coffee grounds. Also, not having filters will help in adding a lot more flavor to the coffee. You will receive a rich taste and less bitterness.?

Things Needed To Make French Press Coffee

When you want to brew a cup of rich and flavorful coffee with instant coffee, you need several things. These are:

  • A thermometer.
  • A high-quality cafetiere or a French Press.
  • Scale.?
  • A pack of instant coffee.

Once you have all these things, you can begin your coffee-making work within a French Press. You don’t have to use the thermometer and the scale when you don’t want to. It’s because these two items are optional.

If you want the best-quality brew, the cafetiere, instant coffee, and water are all you need to get the job done.?

Tablespoons Of Coffee You Need To Put In A Cafetiere

How much coffee you wish to put will depend entirely on you. But you will find optimal suggestions, which you can take if you want a perfect ratio. You must follow the percentage of 1:15. It stands out to be optimal.?

The 1:15 is the ratio for coffee to water. This means, for 1 gram of coffee, you will require 15 grams of water. You need to use around three teaspoons of coffee for brewing the best coffee.?

You can learn and practice as many times as you want to obtain the best coffee for yourself. There might be mistakes or errors, but it will help you make the perfect coffee that perfectly matches your taste.?

If you wish to crank up the brew, you can add more teaspoons of coffee. Doing so will help in adding the extra punch, which you always wanted in your coffee.?

Best Way To Make Your Coffee Stronger

If you want to make the cafetiere-made coffee a lot more robust, the technique is pretty straightforward and simple. You can use a coarser grind to make your coffee a lot stronger.?

You can add more teaspoons of coffee that will provide you with some extra strength to the brew. To obtain a much stronger taste, you must enable the coffee to steep for a longer period.?

You can begin your work by brewing your coffee for 3 minutes to 4 minutes. After that, you can let the coffee steep for 5 minutes to 6 minutes. Doing so will provide you with a much stronger coffee, which you will like.?

Does The Cafetiere Coffee Carry More Caffeine?

No, not really. It’s because the French Press or Cafetiere coffee falls in between the total caffeine count when you compare it with espresso or drip-brewed coffee.?

Espresso is said to have a much more eminent caffeine count, but it’s been measured for a volume of 2oz of serving. The total caffeine that you will receive through the Cafetiere coffee will be around 110mg for 7 ounces each.?

But the regular drip-brewed coffee is said to contain the most eminent caffeine of all time. The caffeine count is 145mg for 7 ounces each.?

Can I Use Regular Coffee In French Press?

In short, yes, you can. But you still have to boil the water and must undergo the entire press method. When using regular coffee, you must go for a granular or a consistent grind.?

There is no need for you to grind and press the coffee beans unnecessarily right before you brew coffee. This is something many individuals do, but it’s not 100% compulsory.?

Now, you can easily brew your coffee according to your needs through a Cafetiere. Just follow the instructions on this document, things will look more accessible for you.

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