Can You Use Regular Coffee To Make Espresso

Can You Use Regular Coffee To Make Espresso

Espresso is a favorite for many coffee lovers. It embodies strong flavor and taste. To make an espresso, you need good coffee brewing skills. Many coffee brands have specific coffee types to make espresso. As such, many people feel that espresso can only be made from espresso coffee and not regular coffee.

Can You Use Regular Coffee To Make Espresso?

Espressos are made by passing hot pressurized water through fine coffee grounds for a short time. This produces a high flavored coffee. The fine coffee grounds do not have to be specific espresso coffee beans or grounds. Therefore, regular coffee beans or grounds can be used to make espresso.

Sometimes, you may only have regular coffee yet you need to make an espresso. This guide will help you make espresso with regular coffee.

How To Make Espresso Coffee With Regular Coffee

  1. Regular ground coffee is much bigger and textured than espresso coffee. You can grind it further into fine coffee dust. Using the regular coffee as it is will lead to your espresso being more watery and less strong.
  2. Put your finely ground regular coffee into the espresso machine and compress it. Compressing the coffee grounds increases the surface area of the coffee that will come in contact with the water. Do not compress too hard as it will cause the espresso to be bitter and also make it difficult for the water to pass through it.
  3. While making espresso with regular coffee, heat your water at higher temperatures than normal. This will extract more oil, flavor, and color from your coffee grounds. It will also make the resultant coffee produce taste as closely as possible to real espresso. You have made an espresso with regular coffee.
  4. Serve your espresso while hot. You can add milk or cream, your favorite flavors, and sugar if you like.

Make A Ristretto Not Espresso

When you are using regular coffee to make an espresso, you can make a ristretto instead. A ristretto is similar to an espresso. The main difference occurs in the amount of water used to make either. The ristretto uses less water.

Take your regular coffee grounds and put them in your coffee or espresso machine. Compress them in the filter to increase the surface area of the coffee that comes into contact with the hot pressurized water. Heat less water than you normally use to make an espresso and use that to brew your ristretto.

The resultant beverage will look and taste just like espresso, only a little less.

Difference Between Regular Coffee Beans And Espresso Beans

Coffee is made by grinding coffee beans to make a fine powder that is dissolved in water to brew coffee. There are different ways to brew coffee and as a result, the many variants of coffee. However, all these variants come from the coffee bean.

For the coffee bean to produce different kinds of coffee flavors and tastes, it has been roasted differently. How the coffee bean is roasted determines the color, taste, and flavor of the resultant brew. The most common coffee roast is the dark roast. Dark roasted coffee takes much longer to roast which causes the beans to turn dark brown, hence, dark roast.

Dark roast coffee beans are usually used to make espresso coffee. Dark roasted coffee beans have little acidity and lots of healthy and beneficial oils. Dark roasts also have a strong taste and flavor that is unlike the other types of coffee beans. To make an espresso, you need to have an espresso machine. Also, you need to have your coffee beans finely ground. Another difference between espresso and regular coffee is in the brewing. When you brew espresso, the coffee grounds and water are only in contact for a few seconds. The water is very hot and comes in great pressure which produces a strong flavored coffee.

For regular coffee, you get a light roast and a medium roast coffee bean. Lightly roasted coffee beans are pale beige in color. They are best for white coffee and other coffee beverages that are not prepared under pressure like espressos. Medium roasted coffee beans are darker than the lightly roasted coffee beans. They can produce a range of flavors and are used to brew many of the coffee beverages we enjoy. The medium roast produces a sweeter end product compared to the espresso. It is often used with drip coffee makers, although you can also use it to make an espresso. Follow the guide above, to do this successfully.

The espresso is used mostly as a base for other coffee drinks. It can be topped with milk or cream and other flavors to make a delicious Mocha. If you use regular black coffee as a base, you will not experience as strong a taste as using espresso.

Besides the roasting and brewing methods, espresso and regular coffee have differences in caffeine content. Espresso has lower content since it is only brewed for up to 25 seconds. The brewing water does not have as much time to absorb the caffeine in the grounds. For regular coffee, brewing takes longer. During this time, the coffee grounds mixed in the water can shed their caffeine into the water. Raising the caffeine content of regular coffee brews.

How To Make Regular Black Coffee

When you go to a coffee shop and ask for black coffee and receive an espresso, you will not love the taste. Espresso and black coffee are both made in different ways. Making regular black coffee is one of the easiest things to do in the kitchen.

There are many ways to make black coffee. You can use instant coffee. All you need to do is scoop a teaspoonful of instant coffee and put it in a cup. Add sugar, then, add hot water and stir as you fill the cup with water.

You can also use a coffee machine which is another easy and quick method. Add water and coffee grounds to the water reservoir. Heat for five minutes or until you feel the aroma of ready coffee. Switch off the machine and serve your coffee hot.

When making black coffee, you can choose to buy black coffee beans, which you will be required to grind. Or, you can simply buy instant coffee and skip the grinding stage.

Disadvantages Of Consuming Coffee

  1. It ruins your sleeping patterns. Coffee energizes you, enhances your concentration, and keeps you alert. Taking coffee a few hours before your bedtime is not recommended for these reasons. You are going to remain alert and full of energy. You may then sleep later than your usual time.
  2. Coffee may lead to excessive acidity in your stomach. This will cause abnormal pain in your stomach.
  3. Excessive consumption of coffee releases stress hormones into your bloodstream causing you to get panic attacks.

Advantages Of Consuming Coffee

  1. Boosts energy. This is why many people often take coffee for breakfast. It reinvigorates and wakes you up enough to have the strength to go about your daily activity.
  2. Coffee helps with weight loss. If you are looking to lose weight, drink up to 4 cups of coffee per day. Coffee helps to lower body fat thus helps boost weight loss.
  3. Coffee boosts your concentration and boosts brain health. Caffeine is an energy booster that energizes your body and keeps your brain alert.


We can conclude that you can make espresso with regular coffee and an espresso machine. However, it will not taste as strong as espresso. There are techniques that you need to learn to make an espresso with regular coffee. Black roasted coffee beans are roasted for much longer which brings out the unique taste and flavor of espresso coffee.


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