Difference Between Frappuccino and Macchiato

Difference Between Frappuccino and Macchiato

We have this one friend who doesn’t like going to a coffee shop. Simply because he or she could not choose between different variants, and feel embarrassed to ask the barista about their differences. Perhaps you share the same ‘dilemma’. However, that’s pretty normal, unless you are an expert barista or a coffee fan yourself.

Frappuccino and macchiato are the two favorites we don’t complain about having on the table. Both drinks contain coffee and are served over ice. Most of all, they provide your body with some benefits to kick off your day.

Nearly everyone is familiar with Frappuccino. It’s Starbucks’ popular beverage, after all. But how about macchiato? It’s unlikely to compare the two since their styles are quite varied. And I’m going to explore them all here!

Differences Between Frappuccino and Macchiato


  • A type of cold coffee
  • A trademark of Starbucks
  • Usually a combination of ice cream, cappuccino, and milkshake
  • Has coffee-like, sugary, and even taste
  • Not all variants have caffeine content 


  • Can be served both hot and cold
  • Adds a small amount of milk foam
  • Available in most coffee shops
  • Has a strong and rich taste
  • Comes in a specific size – smaller than a Frappuccino

What Is Frappuccino

Frappuccino is mainly a beverage of Starbucks. It is an iced drink with a subtle mix of coffee and crushed ice. Besides, you will find it mixed with condensed milk, heavy cream, and syrup (optional). They are smoothly blended until a milkshake-form is produced. Although, its base ingredients are ice, actual coffee, and fruit base. As for the toppings, it generally has a nice whipped cream trickled with either sauce or syrup. You cannot find hot Frappuccino, which is a common misunderstanding.

Caffeine Content In Frappuccino

More so, Frappuccino sometimes does not contain any single amount of caffeine. It is a versatile drink that can be twisted by any means. Examples of a beverage are Matcha and Strawberry Frappuccino. It is a blessing for those looking for a pure refreshment without depending on caffeine too much. It can be a decaf version. Here’s the catch though, it contains lots of sugar and fat. So, limit your intake as much as possible. Your health won’t appreciate it greatly.

There are two lines of drinks available – coffee and creme line. Well, the coffee line includes beverages made with Frap Roast pumps (Frappuccino Roast). It is an alternative to espresso. However, you can request to substitute it with espresso if you like. What makes Frap roast highly distinct is the thick icy texture it gives to blend. Therefore, improving the flavor.

Whereas for the crème line, it is the version of cold mixed drinks that do not contain coffee. Ice, milk, creme base, and a flavoring ingredient are the four core components. But in some creme versions, there are only two ingredients included – milk and fruit puree. Strawberry creme is under this category. It is rich in natural strawberry flavors; not sweetened with sugars of any form.

Want to try other drinks similar to Frappuccino? Frappe and affogato are mostly recommended. They can also provide you with creamy, sugary taste as what Frappuccino does.

How to Make Frappuccino at Home

First of all, you need proper equipment and adequate time to turn the brew into perfection. The process is straightforward and must only take five to ten minutes. Having a high-powered blender is an advantage. It will allow you to prepare the drink with much ease.

Then, prepare the main ingredients, including espresso or strong coffee, ice, sweetener, milk, and optional toppings. Just mix them until they become well blended. You can now have a taste of your own Frappuccino.

What Is Macchiato

The traditional macchiato is a typical Italian espresso drink often topped with a minimal amount of frothed milk. Any store doesn’t trademark it. Go to any coffee shop, and you’ll find several servings of it. Most have their pinches to indulge more coffee drinkers. Don’t let its simplicity undermine its capabilities to give your day a full boost. People mostly drink it as an afternoon cup.

The milk ratio in macchiato is 1:2. The amount of espresso is twice for each milk quantity. So, for a double macchiato, the serving of milk and espresso is twice as much as a regular drink. That’s why it emits a bold taste. How about the size? The classic cup size is a demitasse cup or espresso glass. Having a total size of two to three ounces.

Starbucks also comes up with its macchiato – bringing it closer to the timeless Frappuccino and caffe latte. It is both served hot and chilled. When hot, the blend consists of a mix of one to two espresso shots, condiments, and milk. Flavourings range from toffee nut syrup to vanilla syrup and more. The topping is either sugary cottony foam or standard milk foam. Moreover, there’s also a classic espresso macchiato intended for those looking for a closer version of the traditional drink.

For iced macchiato, you will get a blend of one to three espresso shots. Combined with sauces, milk, syrups, and ice. However, it will vary depending on the type of drink you choose. A cloud version contains egg whites to produce a foamy texture.

How to Make Macchiato at Home

Again, you need to have the right equipment to ensure a perfect blend. Or at least near enough perfection. Make a double espresso shot and then top it up with a splotch of milk. The milk should have the same consistency and quality of softened ice cream.

Preparing basic macchiato can only take you seven to eight minutes. You can make frothed milk on your espresso machine. Otherwise, purchase a separate milk frother. Take any cup of around 4 oz fluid. Pour the fizzed and steamed milk into it. Lastly, add the shots of espresso. Then, ready to serve!

If you prefer ice cafe macchiato, have a cup of ice, milk, espresso, and your chosen flavoring ingredient. The process is just similar to making basic macchiato. You need to add each component gradually until you create the right mix. Add a sauce around the edges to increase the taste.

Regardless of the type of brew, be sure you are using high-quality espresso beans. It will define the overall flavor of your drink.

Frappuccino vs Macchiato: Which Is Better for You?

Now you have an idea about what makes Frappuccino and macchiato extremely special. The next step is deciding which coffee to pick. Do you still have a hard time doing so?

You should opt for Frappuccino if you love sweet refreshments. You can simply go to Starbucks, place an order, and voila! However, it’s also possible to make a homemade version. It won’t replace the original, but enough to fulfil your appetite. Plus, the variations are boundless. You can get mocha, vanilla, green tea, and so much more.

But if having a coffee with bitter yet delicious taste lures you further, a macchiato is the real deal. You will get an intense taste and creamy mouthfeel strengthened by the smooth milk. Several variations are available too. Even Starbucks offers it with some tweaks. So, you may want to clear with the barista about the type of macchiato you’re looking for.

What Is the Best Frappuccino?

Different people have different selections when it comes to picking the ‘best’. Though generally, the Java Chip, Mocha, and Vanilla are gaining immense popularity. Try experimenting with the flavors until you find what complements your palate. A primary flavor is your stepping stone. And, vanilla and chocolate flavors are the top choices.

How Much Caffeine Is in Frappuccino and Macchiato?

The amount varies for each flavor. Espresso Frappuccino has the most caffeine content, almost 195 mg (venti iced) and red Velvet Cake Crème Frappuccino contains 15 to 20 mg, which is considered the lowest. Thus, a Frappuccino has typically around 100-300 caffeine content depending on the size. However, a two-ounce macchiato holds more than 85 mg caffeine for every serving.

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