Frappe vs Frappuccino – Differences and Similarities

Frappe vs Frappuccino

An avid coffee drinker would know what this amazing beverage does to our senses. It is a perfect morning energizer that can kickstart your day on a refreshing note. There are different types of coffees available in the world. The variants depend on the method of preparing it. Every coffee has its own flavor profile that makes it different from the others.

If you go to a fancy café, you will come across frothy, malty, and dark coffees that can simply bring a burst of flavor in your mouth, or you can head home and give yourself a ground coffee treat. Either way, coffee is just a magical beverage.

So, as we are talking about the types of coffee, have you heard about frappe and Frappuccino? Sounds similar? But, they are poles apart. If you didn’t know this yet, scroll through the article and discover more about frappe vs Frappuccino.

Differences between Frappe and Frappuccino

We all might have ordered both the types of coffees in our life, but only a few of us know the difference between these two. Though the two sound familiar and similar to one another, both are different coffee drinks that have significant dissimilarities. So, let’s clear the clutter first, before moving any ahead.

The significant difference between frappé and Frappuccino is the presence of ice cream. Frappuccino is more like a milkshake that comprises vanilla ice cream, hot coffee, and of course milk, making a bubbly beverage topped with scoops of ice cream. Frappé, on the other hand, is a simple coffee drink prepared with just water and coffee. Though there are many variations in frappé that includes the addition of ice cubes, milk cream brewed, etc. the original frappé is as basic as it can be.

If you want to relish both the coffees at their best, you need to understand this primary difference. Now that you have learned that frappé and Frappuccino are different let’s take a look at some more differences that sets them apart.

1. Frappé Has Instant, and Frappuccino Has Brewed

It is true that both are coffee-based drinks and involve coffee in it. This is where the differences started to arise between the two. While frappé uses instant coffee as it does not need to be frothy and dark. Frappés are meant for the instant coffee convention. So, if you want to relish the true frappé, get yourself some instant coffee. Frappuccino uses some cold-brewed coffee, and at times you may find a few shots of espresso in it. Indeed, Starbucks has introduced espresso-based Frappuccino for those who want to drench into the coffee.

2. Frappuccino Is A Specific (Branded) Drink

By “branded” we mean that Frappuccino is a patented drink by Starbucks. It was the café brand that came up with an idea of Frappuccino that resulted in the inception of a whole new series of coffee drinks. Initially, Frappuccino was just a simple Starbucks coffee, but soon things escalated, and this simple coffee drink started getting customized according to customers’ needs.

Starbucks does not yet reveal the whole recipe of Frappuccino; it is generally a drink that mixes cream and ice and later topped with whipped cream. Even though no one owns frappé, there is an association with Nescafe. According to reports, the man who came up with frappé earlier worked with this company. He invented frappé right after he left the company, so clearly, there were assumptions made that the man learned the art of making frappes from Nescafe.

3. Frappe is Always Caffeine and Frappuccino, Not Always

It is important to note that frappé will always have caffeine in it, no matter how you try to manage the ratio. Be it an extreme amount of instant coffee or just a dash of it; caffeine will always remain caffeine. In case you use any other kind of coffee like the brewed one, maybe you will get a different result. The caffeine content will depend on the amount of instant coffee you add.

23ml instant coffee will have around 93mg caffeine; it also depends upon the type of coffee bean you use. Frappuccino does not always have caffeine. For instance, the original Starbucks Frappuccino does not have caffeine. There are many versions of Frappuccino, but the original one does not involve coffee in it.

4. Frappuccino Has Too Much Sugar

Frappuccino has a high-calorie count; this coffee drink has flavored and sweetened cream, syrups, cream, and moreover lots of sugar. Let’s take an example; the Strawberry Frappuccino contains 250 calories for a tall glass with milk and whipped cream. Espresso Frappuccino, on the other hand, has 150 calories without whipped cream. Both are the perfect examples that Frappuccino can give you a sweetness filled delight that can mount up your calorie count instantly.

Frappé has a much lower calorie score that makes it ideal for drinking on occasion or two. A majority of this drink is water (frozen or liquid), and some amount of sugar for taste. Generally, people prefer frappés without sugar. Some frappés consist of milk that hardly adds 50 calories. In case, you decide to add vanilla ice cream along with milk; you might hike up the calories up to 137. So, if you are conscious about your calorie intake, it would be better to ask the waiter how they prepare their frappé before ordering it.

5. Frappes are Straight From Europe

A unique thing about frappés that makes them different from Frappuccino is that they are European drinks. Of course, the name was not frappé, but the core idea of preparing frappé with just milk and coffee beans. The Europeans loved their ground coffee and experimented it with milk one day. According to reports, frappés came from Greece. Most of the East and South Europe are well acquainted with this drink.

Though there are Central and Western parts of Europe where frappés are not popular as the traditional beverage, no one would turn their head asking what it is. If you move to western countries like the US, people there often confuse you with Frappuccino. There’s no surprise that Europe has a lesser number of Starbucks as compared to the US. The American people consider both the drinks alike and think they serve the same purpose “kicking the senses”. Well, in some parts, it is true, both frappé and Frappuccino is a refreshing drink; you can anytime have a glass of these coffee drinks and feel refreshed instantly.

Similarities Between Frappe and Frappuccino

We had enough of the differences between these amazing coffee drinks; now it’s time to see some similarities, apart from their names. For a starter, both are ice drinks that can make your summers perfectly refreshing. Frappé and Frappuccino have ice in it that makes them cold beverages. Both the coffee drinks are large. While frappé is 10oz/300ml, Frappuccino goes up to 12oz/355 ml.

In the end, both the drinks contain the scoops of ice cream with whipped cream. If you go to European countries, you might get a chance to taste the original frappé. While there are many differences between the two, there are these similarities that make them perfectly compatible. An avid coffee drinker would know how great it is to relish each of these beverages in different variants.


Frappé and Frappuccino have always been the point of confusion for many. Both are the coffee delights that look the same way. It is essential to understand the basic difference between the two in order to experience the real taste of it. The above mentioned were some of the basic differences between frappé and Frappuccino that you must know. So, next time when you visit a café, do not confuse frappé with Frappuccino or vice versa.

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