Frappe Vs Latte

Frappe Vs Latte

Are you confused between frappe and latte? We all do! After all, both can be a delightful couch companion. It’s just a matter of personal preference.

Frappe and latte may have the same double letter, but they are entirely different from each other. Perhaps you were also a victim of confusion before – mistaking frappe for a hot drink. Don’t worry; you are not alone. It’s no longer surprising that people can’t figure out the difference at some point.

However, what makes the two unique? Which will best suit your palate? Well, let the coffee battle begin!

Frappe Vs Latte

From ingredients to preparation to texture and taste, both possess unique qualities. Here is a short rundown:


  • You can only prepare it with ice.
  • It uses instant coffee.
  • You can make it with milk and/or water along with other ingredients.


  • You can prepare it in both the cold or hot forms.
  • It uses espresso.
  • You can add steamed milk.

Despite the vast differences, frappe and latte offer lots of health benefits. Their comforting taste can fill your mind with happiness, delight, and energy.

What Is Frappe?

A frappe (frap-pay) is a French word that accurately means “iced.” It was used during ancient times to define a liqueur with trimmed ice or a partially cold beverage. Now, it’s gaining immense popularity. We have to give credit to the Greeks for that.

Coffee lovers have their versions of frappe. There’s chocolate, caramel, and green tea frappe. Moreover, it is crushed, shaken, or mixed. The result is a refreshing, tasty, and frothy drink. You can prepare custom additives to make your cup more enticing. It can be vanilla, sugar, milk, or anything you desire.

You may be wondering what makes frappe differ from other iced coffees or smoothies. Iced coffee is served as a strong coffee, plus it’s often not compressed. Smoothies include a perfect ice consistency. As for the frappe, the ice is well-blended. Longer enough to produce a substantial fizz. The flavors you can add vary from caramel to chocolate chips.

A modern version of frappe includes the use of a blender. You should place a strong blend of coffee alongside a bit of water, ice cubes, milk, and sugar. Its consistency has a bit of similarity to a milkshake. Having frappe on your table is undoubtedly a pure delight. Whether you enjoy sipping a frozen drink or the hot weather asks you to do so.

What Is Latte?

Latte (also called coffee latte) is perhaps the cappuccinos blood brother. It becomes part of several new brews, including flat white, Caffe Macchiato, and Caffe Americano. Besides, an eight-ounce glass drink has one-third production of a single or double espresso. The rest is steamed milk with a tiny coat of bubbled milk.

Well, you should always consider its texture whenever you prepare a cup. That’s a general rule often missed by some coffee experts. Similar to frappe, latte also has shares of intricate versions since it had bloomed twenty years ago. It is twisted boundlessly – often has a sweet finish version. Flavors such as hazelnut and vanilla are so popular.

Some restaurants serve latte in a glass with a paper towel to grasp it. Others offer it in the bowls, or what they call it a Scandinavian latte. If you happen to visit the US, they have iced latte. It has espresso with ice and frozen milk. Although it doesn’t have foam, neither stirred. You will also find a latte in more extensive drinks, usually ten to twenty ounces.

To make a perfect foam and steamed milk, use icy milk. One or two percent of milk is an ideal option since it tends to make better foam. That means you should set aside low-fat milk and whole milk for now. 

One thing that makes a latte different from other types of coffee drinks is the process of making it. The high-pressure water moves across a freshly ground latte coffee. Lastly, you get a more concentrated mixture with extra amounts of caffeine.

Frappe vs. Latte: Battle of the Best Coffee

The best cup of coffee for you could be another’s “meh.” So again, the answer depends on how you like your coffee to be. Below are some crucial questions you need to ask yourself before arriving at the best coffee beverage.

1. How Much Caffeine Content Do You Prefer?

Frappes have higher caffeine than lattes. For instance, a cup of latte makes use of one espresso shot, which has 63 milligrams of caffeine. While for instant coffees, the amount of caffeine is quite complex to determine. However, they approximately have 93 mg caffeine with a range between 27 and 173 mg. The type of beans you are using also matter. Arabica-based brews are known to provide paler caffeine and flavor.

2. Do You Want a Delicate or Earthly and Bitter Taste?

Here, people are heavily divided. For a subtle taste with a silky, smooth mouthfeel, lattes might strike your heart out. But if having a coffee with tougher, duskier taste entices you, opt for a frappe. Mainly because it’s made with Robusta, its beans are famous for bitter and caffeine-heavy flavor. Need not to worry, though. They also leave a sweet hint on the mouth.

3. Do You Like Higher Milk Content?

Part of latte’s booming popularity is the higher amount of milk content. Lactose-intolerant people may choose to prepare frappe. It’s still able to create a unique flavor profile even without the presence of milk. The magic lies in how you prepare it. You can add a flavored syrup if you want. Otherwise, try the different variations we’ve mentioned earlier.

4. Thicker Consistency or Smoother Texture?

Expect your frappe to have a richer, thicker texture profile. At the same time, lattes are smoother, which gives it a unique texture.

5. What Kind of Finished Cup Do You Want?

A lot of people feel crazy about gorgeous latte art. It’s also a combination of creativity. Baristas consider it as a unique signature to serve their customers. Not to mention, it dramatically improves the drinking experience. The milk gives a balanced taste with intricate curved texture and mouthfeel. 

However, this is not the case with a frappe. It cannot hold milk foam, so there’s no way you can be as creative as you do in the latte. You can, however, add some add-ons.

Regardless of these differences, both share great merits, too. They find a place in huge events. Worth sharing with your family while having a quality bonding time!

So, have you already decided which variety of brew can complement well with your routine?

You might have tried iced coffees and milkshakes. Adding either latte or frappe, or both, in your diet opens up various enjoyable opportunities. They are a hip beverage for so many good reasons. Customize them as long as you want. Impress your guests with your exceptional latte art.

Thanks to the surge in the coffee industry. It is now easier than ever to create a drink exactly how expert baristas make them. The idea of going out and getting a cup of latte or frappe from a local cafe sounds tempting. People with busy schedules will particularly like the idea. But the other days, you may find yourself preparing for the ingredients. The choice is yours!

Is Frappe the Same as Frappuccino?

Absolutely, no! Frappuccino is primarily derived from frappe. It is a specific drink available in Starbucks. As I have mentioned, the frappe is a simple drink with instant coffee and cold water as the main recipes. Oppositely, Frappuccino is a milkshake with coffee. It is a delicate mix of milk, hot coffee, and ice cream to produce a foamy beverage.

Is Frappe or Latte Healthier?

Not all drinks on the menu are healthy. Some contain undesirable sugar or fat. Fortunately, most regular drinkers and even experts recommend frappe and latte. To make sure you’re only consuming what pleases your health, consider a homemade brew. Add toppings as you like without going beyond the desired amounts of fat, calories, and sugar.


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