Frappe vs. Milkshake: The Delicious Differences Decoded

Frappe vs Milkshake

The confusion starts creeping in when you wonder what to order between a milkshake and a frappe. Are these two not the same?

Most of us must have been in such a state, maybe because you feel that it’s just the name that differentiates them. And upon looking at their pictures on the menu, there is no notable difference you can record.

So, what makes one different from the other? How can I differentiate their tastes, and what ingredients make each of them?

Maybe for the taste, they may all be slightly close, considering you add almost the same ingredients. This article will help you understand both of them more closely.

Frappe vs. Milkshake – The Main Distinguishing Factor!

When you order a milkshake, expect to get a drink comprising milk, ice cream, and syrup, which may have a flavor. When one shakes all these ingredients, it gets foamy. And at this point, you call it a milkshake. In England, however, their milkshakes only contain milk and syrup. So, adding ice cream to it forms a Frappe. A frappe is thicker than a milkshake, and it contains milk, ice, and coffee.

Frappe vs. Milkshake – Difference in Making

Frappe and Milkshake are, of course, one of the yummiest things you should have to relieve yourself from a hectic day. And you can get them in various flavors such as chocolate or strawberry.

How to Make a Milkshake?

The above definition of a milkshake and a frappe clearly shows these two beverages have some close correlation. You need to remove or add one ingredient to make the other. Here let’s talk about milkshakes.

What perfect combination will you have with your burger other than a milkshake? It’s yummy, somehow thin, and gives you a consistent feel when drinking it.

However, it isn’t a must for you to buy one; you can also make it well at home. How do I go about this? Hang in there; this tutorial will direct you.

Here are the ingredients you need:

  • Three spoonfuls of ice cream, you can go for any flavor
  • Milk
  • Syrup in the taste of your choice

Step 1: Allow Your Ice Cream to Be Soft

The best temperature for ice cream to use when making milkshakes is -7 degrees. Hence, you need to get it out of the freezer, allowing it to sit at room temperature for some time.

Failure to give your milkshake enough time to soften will require you to add in a lot of milk to make the shake watery.

Step 2: Add Your Ice Cream to the Blender

It would help if you used a milkshake mixer when blending. However, in a case where you lack these, a bowl and a whisk will work. The aim is to mix your milk and ice cream. Go for what you have.

Step 3: Add Your Milk and Any Other Ingredient You May Have

If you have put in three scoops of ice cream, then use 1/4 cup of milk into it. At this point also, you get to add the syrup flavor you have. The most common flavors are strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate, but you can go wild with the flavors by adding other ingredients.

Step 4: Blend the Milkshake

One minute is enough to blend all your ingredients and give you a perfect shake. During this time, take some seconds off to pause the blending and mix it with a spoon.

If you have a milkshake mixer, you need not take a break in the process. The primary purpose of hand-mixing it with the spoon is to ensure that the shake stays thick.

Step 5: Put the Milkshake Into the Serving Glass

The best thickness of the milkshake will require you to use a spoon when serving. If it freely flows out of the blender, then it must be skinny. Or maybe the mixing was too much.

If this is the case, add in more ice cream. After serving, garnish it with strawberry pieces or some whipped cream.

How to Make a Frappe?

Making a frappe is also pretty straightforward. Here are the ingredients you will need.

  • Coffee
  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Ice

Step 1: Get Your Coffee Ready

The coffee you use may be instant or fresh. Instant coffee is a dry one, and fresh coffee means coffee beans. If you want to get a distinct flavor, then use the fresh coffee. It will also make your frappe sweeter. For you to get a strong coffee flavor, go for string coffee.

Step 2: Cold Brew the Coffee

You need about 12 hours to complete this process. You will need to add four cups of cold water into a bowl with one cup of ground coffee beans. Stir the mixture and refrigerate them for 12 hours.

Once this time is over, take out the bowl from the fridge and slowly strain the liquid into another bowl. Dilute the coffee until the coffee to water ratio is 1:2 or 1:3 and refrigerate it for about one week.

You also have the option of cold brewing the coffee over ice, which is a bit faster rather than cold brewing it over overnight.

Step 3: Add Sugar To the Coffee

Other than sugar, you can use honey or any other sweetener you have. As long as your coffee is hot, the sugar will quickly dissolve in it. If you use a coffee maker to brew your coffee, add sugar or honey to the reservoir and stir.

Step 4:  Rest Your Coffee in the Freezer

To chill your coffee, pour it into an ice tray and freeze it. It may take a few hours to freeze hot coffee completely. You can also try to chill the hot coffee by placing it in a skillet. A skillet has a wide surface area allowing the coffee cools quickly. Putting it in your fridge will speed up the chilling process.

Step 5: Make the Frappe

Pour the chilled coffee into the blender. Add milk (about 1/2 cup) to it. You can use any form of milk.

Step 6:  Add Ice

This step is optional. When adding it, use one and 1/2 cups. If you choose to chill coffee in an ice tray or skillet, you don’t need to add the ice.

Step 7: Blend and Server Your Frappe

Cover your blender and blend the mixture until smooth. If you prefer a thicker consistency, add more ice. Pour the frappe into a glass, top with whipped cream, and if desired, chill before serving.

Milkshake and Frappe – Some Apparent Differences

The consistency of a frappe is much thicker than that of a milkshake. Most times, if not all, you will get the frappe chilled, and it usually has whipped cream on top.

Moreover, you can have a frappe as a desert. For the milkshake, ice cream is one ingredient that makes it, and its thickness is usually light.

As we discuss milkshake and frappe here, I would like to add a point regarding the smoothie. Smoothies are the healthiest among both the milkshake and frappe.

A smoothie will constitute vegetables, fruits, nuts, protein powder, milk, and much more. Their consistency usually is thick. You can comfortably add it as part of your healthy diet.

Should I Add Ice to My Milkshake?

Everyone wants a creamy milkshake. You also want to feel the flavor of the syrup you use, whether vanilla, strawberry, or any other flavor. When you add ice, it will make the shake watery.

Ice also dilutes the milkshakes’ flavor, making it thin. You will not even feel the milkshakes thickness when having it. If you like the consistency thinner, add milk.

Which Is the Healthiest Option Between a Frappe and Milkshake?

One can’t consider any of these beverages as healthy, but you have the option to make them fit. It may be challenging, especially for milkshakes, because you need to use ice cream when making it.

You can opt to have your choice for a frappe, without adding any sweetener or cream in the end. It makes frappe a healthier option than a milkshake.

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