Hamilton Beach Brewstation Slow Dispensing – Why & How To Fix?

hamilton beach brewstation slow dispensing

Hamilton Beach carries a reputation for being one of the best coffee machine providers for all coffee lovers.

They have created all their coffee makers with top-notch parts and also utilized highly advanced technology.

This helps their products to stand out among their competitors. Even though the coffee maker is equipped with some great features, that doesn’t mean it will not experience issues in the future.

The coffee maker might slow dispensing or have some issues with the interior parts. Whether you’re a coffee addict, a connoisseur, a casual coffee drinker, or a social drinker, you need to know how to fix the coffee maker if you face some problem.

This is what you will learn in this post. Here, you will gain some useful insights into this coffee maker and why it dispenses coffee slowly.

You will also come across some effective solutions that can help you resolve the problem quickly.

Why Does the Machine Dispense Slowly & How to Fix It?

why does the machine dispense slowly & how to fix it: hamilton beach brewstation slow dispensing

Many individuals have said that by using the Hamilton Beach Brewstation, they have noticed that the machine has started to dispense the coffee pretty slowly. “Do you know what happens”?

Well, it’s mainly due to the settings of the machine, which have been either clogged or jumbled up the brewing tank screen.

Before you start the coffee brewing work, take a look at the “MODE” that you’re utilizing to brew. It’s because modes like “Bold” and “1 to 4 Cups” are said to brew the coffee pretty slowly.

If you find all these mods are switched on, just press on the “Brew Mode” option and make sure that all the lights on the machine are off.

The clean reset or clean light reset feature of the Hamilton Beach Brewstation can easily fix the slow brewing process.

You can also check the instruction manual, which is provided by the company. It contains all the steps or methods that can help you resolve this problem.

why does the coffee machine dispense slowly

But if the settings are not the primary cause of this specific issue, the screen located at the bottom section of the coffee brewing tank is clogged.

To clean up the screen, take a toothbrush [an old one], or you can use a dishcloth to get rid of all the buildup located in the tank. This will surely fix the slow brewing greatly.

Other Reasons the Machine Allots Slowly & to Resolve It

Although clogging is one of the primary reasons that enables the coffee maker to dispense the coffee slowly, there are several other reasons that cause this issue.

In this section, you will learn how you can fix all those problems so that the coffee dispenses properly from the machine.

Putting Way too Much Coffee

putting way too much coffee

There are individuals who overfill their coffee makers with coffee without even properly measuring it. If you do so, then water will take a lot of time to dispense right through the coffee grounds.

Besides that, overfilling the coffee maker is wasting good quality coffee, and you’re also wasting your funds.

But you can easily avoid this problem by taking a look at the filter basket. This basket is found in the filter holder.

If you wish to brew just one measure, you can use the single filter holder and basket for it. For the two measures, you can easily double up the holder and basket.

If you properly measure and brew the coffee, it will not take much time for the machine to dispense it.

Incorrectly Opening the Pump Pressure

You must compress the coffee grounds lightly. It’s mainly because the coffee maker has to force the water right through the machine with a high level of pressure.

This is where you need to check the pump pressure. If the pump pressure is low, the coffee will certainly dispense much slower than it did before. On certain occasions, it will not at all dispense coffee.

So, the best way you can resolve this problem is by setting up the correct pressure. Remember, you need to keep the pressure between 7 bars to 9 bars. Take a look at the needle located in the gauge right before you begin the coffee brewing work. 

Grinding the Coffee Way too Fine

grinding the coffee way too fine

Yes, you should grind your coffee fine but not too much. This can cause the coffee particles to fit in way too tightly and will stop the water from getting right through it. This will surely reduce the dispensing work.

But to change the grind, you can do it without much hassle. You just have to rotate the collar of the coffee grinder.

Make sure that the grinder is set to the “coarser setting.” At first, you experience some issues with properly grinding the coffee, especially to get the best texture.

That’s why you should check out a shot of the expresso after every change. Doing so will let you know how quickly the coffee is getting dispensed from the coffee maker.

Malfunction of an Internal Element

malfunction of an internal element: hamilton beach brewstation slow dispensing

Many of the coffee makers come with a simple structure. This means, you can easily spot the issue and then resolve it.

But coffee makers, such as the Hamilton Beach Brewstation, carry a pretty different or unique design. So, unexpected issues or malfunctions can occur anytime.

If a problem does occur and you cannot get it fixed on your own, you have to use the instruction manual or call in an expert to resolve the problem.

Checking the manual can certainly help you resolve problems easily and effectively. Besides that, these manuals will also provide you with correct information on the problem and the coffee machine.

But if you think you cannot resolve the issue on your own, you can take the machine to the manufacturer or just call them. You can provide the reason and then ask them why exactly the coffee maker is not functioning properly.

It’s guaranteed that you will get the help you need. There is no need to spend $50 or more than that on coffee machine repairs when you can fix it without spending any funds.

Tips On Maintaining the Hamilton Beach Brewstation

If you want the coffee maker to brew you a fresh cup of coffee every morning, you need to properly take care of it. That way, you will not prevent unwanted issues but also save money. Here are some helpful tips that you should follow:

  • Keep the coffee machine clean all the time. You must make sure that you descale the Hamilton Beach Brewstation at times.
  • Don’t go for lukewarm water as it will make your brewed coffee taste bad. Instead, you should use cold water for brewing the coffee.
  • You should opt for high-quality ground coffee beans and ground them nicely. Don’t go for the pre-ground ones, and make sure to utilize a coffee grinder to make coffee grounds from scratch. Using the correct amount of coffee grounds with the correct consistency.
  • Before you start the brewing work, take a look at the insides of the coffee maker to take a look if there are any coffee grounds or a bit of coffee left. Eliminate the coffee grounds from the coffee pot before you provide a fresh batch of coffee grounds.
  • There is no need to destroy the entire coffee if the part of the machine has been damaged. You can simply replace them with new ones. You will certainly find the replacement parts for Hamilton Beach Brewstation on sites like Amazon or on their official platform.

Final Thoughts

Every individual starts their day with a cup of coffee. But if the coffee maker starts to dispense the coffee slowly, you might get late for your office, college, or other activities.

So, to make sure this issue doesn’t happen again, you need to check whether or not there is a clogging issue or something else.

The information provided in this post will give you an idea about the type of issue that can lead to slow dispensing, and you can solve it. If you follow the correct method, you can easily fix the problem quickly.

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