Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Error E07 – Why & How To Fix?

Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Error E07

Has your Hamilton Beach Flexbrew coffee maker been displaying an error message whenever you’re trying to use it? Well, there are certain things that you can surely do to clear and fix the error message.

Firstly, you must thoroughly check the manual that comes with your coffee maker. You need to figure out whether there is any specific code for fixing the displayed error message. And if there is a code, you must follow the instructions for clearing the same.

However, if there is no specific code for fixing the error, you can try unplugging your coffee maker for 30 seconds. After that, you can again consider plugging the machine back in. But if the error message continues to persist, you can try running a distilled vinegar cycle. This will probably help in cleaning your coffee maker and fixing the issue.

But if these quick solutions fail to resolve the issue with your coffee machine, you have to try certain other means. Today, this article will give you informative insights into the best ways of fixing the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Error E07 message. And before we elaborate on the fixes, we will discuss the probable reasons for the error message.

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What are the Reasons for Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Error E07?

what are the reasons for hamilton beach flexbrew error e07?

If you own a Hamilton Beach Flexbrew coffee machine, you’re likely to encounter the error E07. This error code often appears because the brew basket starts overflowing.

Or sometimes, the brewing of your Hamilton Beach Flexbrew is extremely slow.

Reasons to Cause the E07 Error

1. Your Hamilton Beach Flexbrew coffee machine has been loaded with excessive ground coffee.

2. You’ve not cleaned your coffee maker for a long time, and it’s time to clear the same.

3. You have been using finely ground or decaffeinated coffee in your coffee brewer. The next time, remember to use a smaller amount of finely ground coffee. However, you can also consider switching to medium-ground coffee as well.

error e07

4. The paper filter is either closed or has been misplaced while you were trying to fix it.

5. The coffee grounds are automatically stuck between the filter and the brew basket while brewing your piping hot coffee.

6. You have been using an extremely poor-quality filter.

7. The edges of the filter do not cling appropriately to the sides of the basket. However, this issue might be solved if you consider rinsing the basket thoroughly.

Sometimes, the error message might also indicate that the coffee has split onto the base of your Hamilton Beach Flexbrew.

Nevertheless, the error E07 might also appear when you remove the carafe from the warmer plate while brewing your coffee. And when you don’t put the carafe back into your brewer before 20 seconds, the error message will still display.

Troubleshoot and Fix Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Error E07 

steps to troubleshoot and fix the error e07

By now you must be familiar with the possible reasons why your Hamilton Beach Flexbrew is displaying an error message. Did you check whether your coffee brewer is receiving sufficient power? Or is the water reservoir of your Hamilton Flexbrew empty? Or maybe there is an issue with the coffee filter that you have been using in your coffee brewer!

If you’ve checked all the probable reasons and the error message continues to persist, then you’ll require the help of experts. You can also get in touch with the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew customer assistance for further assistance.

However, if your coffee brewer has stopped working recently, then many things could have gone wrong. A few easy troubleshooting steps can probably assist you to identify and resolve the problem.

fix the error e07 in your hamilton beach flexbrew

Firstly, you need to ensure that your coffee machine is properly plugged into an appropriate outlet. Also, you need to check whether the power switch is turned ON.

If your Hamilton Beach Flexbrew coffee machine is still not operating, you can consider resetting or unplugging the unit. Make sure that you wait for at least 30 seconds before you can plug it back into the power source.

If these two easy fixes fail to solve the issue, please get in touch with the experts. You can call Hamilton Beach Flexbrew customer service for further assistance.

How to Maintain Your Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Coffee Brewer?

If you have been witnessing error messages in your Hamilton Beach Flexbrew coffee brewer, then you need to fix the issue.

For example, the ERR code indicates that there is something wrong with the reservoir of your coffee machine. Sometimes the error message might show when your coffee brewer is empty or clogged.

Once the issue has been fixed by troubleshooting or with expert assistance, you must take extra care of your appliance.

So, there are a few ways in which you can keep your Hamilton Beach Flexbrew well-maintained. And when you adhere to the same, it will enable your coffee maker to stay in perfect and good shape.

Furthermore, it will also prevent any issues for which your coffee brewer demands further troubleshooting.

Common Steps to Maintain Your Coffee Brewer

Firstly, you need to ensure that you clean your coffee maker frequently. Also, you must check whether you are decalcifying or descaling your Hamilton Beach Flexbrew regularly after use.

When it comes to brewing your coffee, make sure that you use cold water in your Hamilton Beach Flexbrew. It’s because when you use lukewarm water, it will deliberately affect the taste of your finished brew.

The next time you head over to the shop to purchase coffee for your coffee brewer, you must be very careful. It’s important that you use the best possible ground coffee.

You need to purchase a high-quality brand of coffee beans and use a coffee grinder to make coffee from scratch.

So, while you ditch the pre-ground stuff, you need to be very careful with the amount of ground. Make sure that you use ground coffee with the right consistency.

maintain coffee brewer

You must consider replacing the damaged parts of your coffee maker. If you keep on using it with the damaged parts, then your entire coffee unit can be a wreck. Also, it might cause significant damage to your brewer in the long run.

Remember that your Hamilton Beach Flexbrew must be paired with exceptionally strong and high-end coffee filters. This is mainly because the paper filters help in preventing bitterness.

But the permanent filters result in an exceptionally stronger and richer brew.


By now, you must have a clear idea that fixing your Hamilton Beach Flexbrew coffee brewer is much easier.

When you make the best use of the troubleshooting as mentioned earlier methods, you can seamlessly identify the problem areas. Besides, you will also learn how to correct them within the quickest time.

So, you’ll know the issue the next time your Hamilton Beach starts behaving strangely and shows error messages. Also, you will not experience any trouble discovering what is actually wrong with your coffee brewer.

And the best part is that you will not even have to call an expert for help and assistance.

In a nutshell, all your coffee machine issues will be sorted out much more quickly. Thus, you can easily settle down with your piping-hot cup of joy. And you can do all of these by involving yourself with the least amount of fuss.

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