Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Leaking From Bottom – Why & How To Fix It?

Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Leaking From Bottom

Coffee lovers don’t feel ready for the day unless they take the first sip of coffee in the morning. However, you wake up, go brewing coffee, and find your Hamilton Beach Flexbrew to leak from the bottom. 

Isn’t that annoying? Not getting coffee plus the mess around the coffee counter can make you go hot-headed. That’s precisely why this troubleshooting guide has been prepared for you all. 

To save your precious mornings, this article shares how to troubleshoot the problem. But before jumping into the solutions, it’s essential to understand the causes of such leakage. 

So, continue reading to find all your answers. 

Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Leaking Water – Troubleshooting

If your Hamilton coffee maker is leaking, check if it leaks coffee or water. If the machine is overflowing with water, it may have been overfilled. 

Your coffee maker is well-equipped with a drain hole on its back to prevent overfilling. In case of leakage, the water will most likely come out of there. 

To resolve the issue, take out some of the overfilled water. Then, wipe and clean the water spilled on the counter due to leakage. Make sure you don’t overload the coffee maker’s water reservoir in the future. 

However, it may happen that the machine was not leaking clean water or still leaks after reducing the water. In that case, unplug the appliance and clean up the spillage first. 

You must throw away the coffee grounds from the last failed attempt at brewing. Then, open the entire Hamilton machine and see if you can find any loose coffee grounds. 

If there’s any, it could clog up your machine. So, it’s best to follow the instructions of your coffee maker to clean all the coffee grounds. 

Why Does Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Leaking From Bottom?

There can be various reasons why your Hamilton machine is leaking coffee. To determine what caused your coffee leakage, turn off the device, clean up the mess, and check these things:   

1. Using an Excessive Amount of Coffee 

  • Avoid using more than one tablespoon of coffee for one cup of water. 
  • Also, you must know that you need less quantity while using finely ground, flavored, or decaf coffee. 

2. The Paper Filter Has Collapsed 

  • Another possible reason for the machine to leak coffee would be the collapse of its paper filter. 
  • To prevent any collapsing, you must use high-quality paper coffee filters. 
  • This issue isn’t always responsible for leakage. But it can often result in brewed coffee that has loose grounds or is too watery. 

3. Improper Seating of the Brew Basket

  • The brew basket’s wrong positioning is another reason your Hamilton coffee machine may be leaking. 
  • The coffee maker is designed to prevent coffee from dripping out when you pour a cup of coffee using the carafe. 
  • Consequently, if the carafe isn’t appropriately positioned under the basket, the basket will get pushed up. 
  • It will make the brewing area avoid any release of coffee. 
  • Thus, it will overfill and leak coffee all over the counter. 
  • Improper seating of the brew basket can result in leaking. 
  • So, before turning the unit on, ensure the basket is aligned correctly. 

4. Misalignment of the Carafe

  • One more reason for the leakage of your Hamilton machine could be the misalignment of the carafe under the basket. 
  • Like the basket, if the carafe isn’t positioned correctly, it may result in overfill and leakage. 

How to Fix a Leaking Hamilton Beach FlexBrew?

You may find coffee overflowing from the regular mug, travel mug, or brew basket. Things can get irritating in such a situation. The coffee will overflow when you cross the water reservoir’s limit. 

To fill the coffee reservoir, use a travel mug that is actually for brewing. However, avoid using too much ground. Try to use less ground while making coffee. 

This method is most effective when brewing flavored or decaf coffee. Conversely, if you’re using finely ground coffee, try to use less ground. 

To ensure the best outcomes, try using medium-ground coffee. If the coffee machine leaks water after brewing, maybe a specific hose would loose. 

To aim for getting the back-off, you’ll need a tri-wing screwdriver. Use it to remove the bottom panel. You can either use the standard Phillips head or the one labeled with size Y1. 

By reattaching only the original clamp, you pose the same risk. It’s best to use something like a hose clamp, which is more permanent and durable. 

Also, there are other methods like cutting a hole in the place where the hose is attached to the back. Doing so may or may not be simpler, depending on the tools you can access. 

Note: You may have to try more than once to fix the problem with a hose clamp. So, be ready for that and don’t get frustrated too early. 

Step 1: Start With The Bottom 

On the bottom of your Hamilton machine, you’ll find eight tri-wing screws on it. Among them is the one connected to the back panel in the middle back. 

It’s best to remove the entire bottom piece to pull the sides away. 

Step 2: Pull The Sides 

To expose those four screws, you must pull the sides of the machine away from its back panel. Each comes with four tabs to let you push in with a flathead that will enable easy pulling away. 

Step 3: Go For The Back 

Once you get the sides away, you’ll have to remove five screws. Two at the bottom facing the machine’s back while two at the top with the head facing down. 

The last screw is noticeable below the carafe flap at the top. It needs the removal of the cover at its hinge. However, be cautious as the two little plastic tabs are easily breakable. 

Now, you can expose the problem with the back sliding down. If the hose ensuring hot water up to the coffee machine’s top isn’t connected properly, the metal clamp won’t do its job correctly. 

Using a zip tie in conjunction with the metal clamp would be a good solution but not enough. The best go-to solution would be using a ½-inch hose clamp, which is more secure. 

Hamilton Coffee Maker Maintenance Tips

With these maintenance tips, you’ll be able to keep your Hamilton coffee maker in good shape and condition. Also, you can prevent them from any problems that need troubleshooting. 

  • Make sure you clean the Hamilton machine frequently. Also, ensure to descale or decalcify your Hamilton unit more often. 
  • Try using cold water for brewing coffee. Avoid lukewarm water as it can change the taste of your finished coffee. 
  • Try to use the best ground coffee available. Use coffee beans from a quality brand for brewing and avoid pre-ground coffee. To do it from scratch, use a coffee grinder. 
  • Using the appropriate amount of grounds is crucial while maintaining the right consistency.  

What If Troubleshooting Doesn’t Help?

Suppose you see that the issue you’ve been experiencing with your Hamilton coffee maker isn’t getting resolved with the above-listed solutions. In that case, your machine may have malfunctioned or is faulty. 

If your Hamilton Beach Flexbrew is still new and comes with a store return policy, simply return it and ask for a refund. If your coffee maker is still under warranty, you’ll have to get in touch with Hamilton Beach via their website or their phone line – (800) 851 8900. 

If you find the product is not under any warranty cover, take it to a repairperson. However, if the price of repair seems too high, you can just go for a replacement and pick something better. 

Final Thoughts 

This comprehensive troubleshooting guide will make resolving the issue of leakage on your Hamilton Beach machine’s bottom easier. So, let’s hope your device gets as fine as before and your daily need for coffee in the morning never stops.

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