How To Get Used To Black Coffee

How To Get Used To Black Coffee

Black coffee is hard to swallow for many people. Coffee lovers, however, swear by black coffee. As they try to get more people onto their side, they will talk about its health benefits, taste, and the many ways that you can brew it. Still, many are unconvinced and stick to their white coffee brews. If you are among the few that have decided to try out black coffee, here is a lesson on how to get used to black coffee.

What Is Black Coffee?

This is a good starting point for new converts into the black coffee lifestyle.

Black coffee is coffee without milk or cream or any of their substitutes and sugar. Black coffee is best enjoyed without sugar. You can feel the flavors of coffee dance around in your mouth for every gulp you take. For many people, it is difficult to imagine enjoying coffee without adding sugar. This is what makes drinking black coffee hard.

However, you can learn how to love and enjoy black coffee.

How To Get Used To Black Coffee?

Take Different Coffee Blends

I am sure you currently have your favorite blend of coffee. This is the only type of coffee that you buy for your home or office use. As you make the move to try out and get used to black coffee it is best to switch things up. Start with your favorite blend of coffee. You may not love its taste as black coffee. You don’t have to stick to it. Go out and buy as many coffee blends as you would like to try out.

Different roasters and manufacturers make their coffee differently. Some make their coffee taste better when it is black, others make coffee blends for coffee with milk or cream. As you experiment with coffee blends, you will get one that you feel is the best tasting black coffee.

Stop Taking Milk And Cream Immediately

When you decide to start enjoying black coffee, stay away from milk and cream. From the very first cup of black coffee you make, don’t add milk or cream or any substitute. This will help you to start tasting the flavors in black coffee.


Sugar is highly addictive and especially so for coffee lovers. While moving to black coffee, you may decide to reduce sugar use gradually. Cut on the amount of sugar that you add to coffee until you don’t add sugar anymore. This method may or may not work. I would advise that, to get used to black cut off sugar with the milk and cream. This is a drastic turn, but it is the best way to start to learn how to enjoy black coffee.

Experiment With Brewing Methods

This is one of the best ways to get the taste and flavors in black coffee. As you test out different coffee blends, also try out different coffee brewing methods. Different brewing methods bring out different flavors and aromas in coffee. If you have a coffee maker, try using a French press or boiling your coffee in the water on a stove. Try as many brewing methods until you get one that delivers a taste you like.

Do Not Drink It Hot

Coffee tastes best when taken hot. When you begin your journey to get used to black coffee, it is best to let it cool before you take your first sip. When you let your coffee cool, you can enjoy it easily. As it cools, the flavors also settle and you will get to taste, feel, and identify them easily.

Always Use Fresh Coffee

To get fresh coffee, you will have to invest in a coffee beans grinder. You will then buy coffee beans that you will grind and brew. For the best results, it is best to brew your coffee as soon as it is ground. Always grind enough beans for single-use, any leftover grounds will not be fresh while brewed later. Freshly brewed black coffee is sweet. You will get used to it in a short time.

Spice Up Your Coffee

You do not need sugar or cream to do this. You can add any of your favorite natural flavors such as cinnamon, vanilla, powdered cocoa, and more. These are much healthier alternatives to sugar.

You can also add a pinch of salt to your coffee. This helps to elevate the taste of your coffee and make it palatable when you are new to black coffee.

Change Your Coffee Mug

If you use a white mug for coffee, the contrast of black and white may cause you to perceive your coffee as bitter. Change to a clear mug and you will have a better perception of your black coffee. Also, you can change the size of the mug that you use. Start with a smaller mug until you get used to black coffee.

Keep Your Coffee Maker Clean

Before you make a fresh cup of coffee, make sure that your coffee maker is clean. This helps to maintain the freshness of the coffee. There are no stale flavors and aromas of coffee that had been brewed earlier.

Benefits Of Drinking Black Coffee

Experience The True Taste And Flavors Of Coffee

When you take your coffee black, you get to discover and enjoy the different flavors and tastes of coffee. When you add milk and sugar, you only mask the real taste of good coffee or improve the taste of bland and stale coffee.

Healthy Diet

Without milk or sugar, black coffee is the only meal you will take with zero calories. It is not only a healthy and refreshing drink, but it also promotes good health. You don’t have to worry about how much exercise you need to lose the calories you ingested.

Weight Loss

If you are looking for an easier way to lose weight, black coffee is a good partner. First, it helps you eliminate the consumption of added sugar. Sometimes, you may take several cups of coffee a day. If you add two teaspoonfuls of sugar, you will have consumed a large amount of sugar.

Many diet and nutrition advisers recommend black coffee for those in the quest to lose weight.

Beneficial To Your Health

Research has shown that black coffee helps improve the health of your gut and digestive system. It also helps to strengthen the heart, liver, and boosts proper blood circulation.

How to Brew Black Coffee

One of the major barriers to getting used to black coffee is how we brew it. When it comes to brewing, everyone has their preference. Experiment with different brewing methods to get one that is right for you.

Another aspect of brewing black coffee you should consider is learning how to taste the coffee. Learn how to identify and describe the taste of the coffee that you are brewing. Differentiate coffee by its aroma and taste. In addition to taste, learn about coffee beans, how they are roasted, and the different types of roasts. This will give you a foundation in the black coffee culture.

As you enjoy your cup of black coffee, you enjoy both the taste and flavors and the background of the product you are using. Also, find different ways to brew your cup of black coffee so that you do not need any additives.


You can get used to black coffee. It is not an overnight process. It takes a lot of learning about coffee. Learn the best coffee beans, the best coffee beans grinder, and even the best brewing methods for black coffee. Learn also how to taste the flavors in the coffee for a better experience.

Black coffee has numerous health and medical benefits. Besides bragging on your black coffee experience, you can maintain good health and lose weight in a healthy and fun way.



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