How To Turn Off Flashing Clean Light On Mr. Coffee

How To Turn Off Flashing Clean Light On Mr. Coffee

Mr. Coffee coffee making machine is an efficient and effective coffee maker. After a few uses, the coffee maker needs cleaning to ensure its efficiency. When in need of cleaning, Mr. Coffee has a cleaning indicator light that keeps on flashing. Once it is thoroughly cleaned, the light stops flashing and you can now comfortably brew some coffee. However, there are times when the flashing light refuses to turn off after cleaning.

How To Turn Off Flashing Clean Light On Mr. Coffee?

All that your Mr. Coffee machine needs is a thorough cleaning to turn the flashing light on. Clean the carafe, lid, and filter basket and do a deep cycle clean. If the light is on it will turn off to show that it is clean. You need to do this every month for the best results.

Follow these steps to effectively clean your Mr. Coffee machine to turn the flashing clean light off.

  1. Ensure that you have read the manual thoroughly to understand how to maintain the Mr. Coffee machine.
  2. Ensure that you rinse your machine after every use. This ensures that it does not have coffee clog its system. If it still has the flashing light on, carry out a thorough clean.
  3. Clean the lid thoroughly. Use hot water and a sponge to clean the sprayers.
  4. Clean the filter basket. Remove the filter basket and clean it and rinse it under running water. Put it back after drying.
  5. Clean the delivery spout to ensure that it does not contain any coffee grounds residue.
  6. If the cleaning light is still flashing after this cleaning, add four cups of vinegar diluted with water into the reservoir.
  7. Place in a filter
  8. Select wash. Let the process run for one hour. Throw out the filter after this wash.
  9. Rinse with clean water. After this process, if your Mr. Coffee machine still has its clean light flashing, unplug it and wait a while. Plug it back and it will now get back to its ready-to-brew condition.
  10. Ensure that you clean the machine daily and carry out intensive cleaning once a month for its long life and high-quality coffee. Also, make sure that you study the manual properly to ensure that you use the correct cleaning detergents.

How Often Should You Clean Your Mr. Coffee Machine?

Mr. Coffee coffee maker machine is an advanced coffee maker. Use it to brew high-quality coffee at home. To maintain its efficiency, it needs to be kept clean. You can study your user manual properly, to find out how it should be cleaned.

It is advised that after every use, it is best to rinse the coffee maker out. This is to make sure that you do not leave it clogged with coffee grounds in sensitive areas. When clogged, the coffee maker will rarely work well.

Together with daily cleaning, you must have a total clean-up of your Mr. Coffee machine. Follow the instructions above on how to do this. It is best if you do the cleaning before the cleaning light alerts you for the need to clean. This ensures that your machine maintains its efficiency.

If you live in an area with hard water, it is best if you cleaned your Mr. Coffee machine more than once a month. This ensures that, in addition to the coffee grounds debris, the hard water does not leave a residue. When cleaning, make sure that you use the correct solutions and detergents to avoid damage to your machine.

Regular cleaning of your Mr. Coffee machine ensures that your coffee always tastes fresh and reinvigorates the system.

Tips To Clean Your Coffee Maker Machine

  1. Rinse after every use. Every time you use your coffee maker machine, you need to rinse it. This ensures that you don’t let the coffee grounds residue clog its system.
  2. Thorough wash after every month. This is a coffee maker machine maintenance tip. Thorough monthly cleaning ensures that you remove any build-up of minerals and coffee grounds. Vinegar dilutes all the mineral residue and leaves your coffee machine as clean as a new machine.
  3. If you use hard water, have more than once a month thorough cleaning with vinegar.
  4. Use soft brushes and sponges when washing the inner parts of your coffee machine. Brushes also help to reach the deeper parts of the coffee machine like the spout that can’t be pulled apart for cleaning.
  5. Pull apart all removable parts and wash each individually and rinse under clean running water. Reattach after you have dried them with a soft kitchen towel.
  6. Use vinegar or other select high-quality coffee machine cleaners.
  7. Use non-scented soap when cleaning your coffee maker machine.

How To Maintain Your Mr. Coffee Machine

  1. Read your Mr. Coffee machine user manual after purchase. Make sure you can use the coffee machine as advised by the manufacturer. This ensures that your coffee machine does not spoil due to improper use. The user manual also shows you quick tricks on how to troubleshoot your Mr. Coffee machine when it is not working.
  2. Use the right proportions of coffee and water when brewing. When you use excess coffee, you will end up with more coffee residue in your coffee maker. This will force you to clean regularly or even cause the coffee maker to malfunction.
  3. Turn off the machine after every use. This is to help conserve energy and to ensure that your machine is working properly on its next use. Modern coffee makers switch themselves off automatically when not in use.
  4. Clean out your carafe after every use. Throw away your coffee grounds after every brew. This helps to keep the carafe clean and also to make sure that you have fresh coffee for every brew.
  5. Make sure that you clean and rinse off your coffee machine after every use. Remove all removable parts and clean them and the whole system thoroughly every month.
  6. Use only approved cleaning solutions. You can use vinegar or other coffee machine cleaning alternatives.
  7. Regular inspection is a must as a part of the maintenance process. Look over your coffee machine often to check for wear and tear, burns, cracks, and other signs of aging.
  8. Always remember that maintaining your coffee machine in proper condition, means that you have the best quality coffee every day. It also means that you do not have to buy a new coffee machine every few years. The lifespan of an ordinary coffee maker machine is about 10 years.


You may use your Mr. Coffee coffee machine more than one time a day. As such, it is an integral part of your life. Therefore, it needs both care and regular check-ups and maintenance as advised by the manufacturers. Cleaning or rinsing it over after every use is the very basic of maintenance you can carry out. Empty the carafe after use, use enough water and coffee whenever you brew yourself a cup.

If you live in hard water areas, continuous use may cause clogging of minerals. It is also likely that there are coffee grounds residue in the machine. This may lead to the flashing of the cleaning light to indicate the machine needs cleaning. Follow the above instructions to clean your Mr. Coffee machine until the light stops flashing.

Take good care of your coffee machine to ensure that it serves you for a long time. Use vinegar and soft sponges or brushes to wash its various parts. Use clean water to rinse it every day and ensure that you turn it off whenever it is not in use.



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