Is Blonde Roast Coffee Stronger?

Is Blonde Roast Coffee Stronger?

After the introduction of the blonde roast by Starbucks, people have started to search online about it. Coffee-lovers are looking online to discuss the roast, the beans, and the taste. More and more people are having the same quest, which is stronger – the blonde roast or the regular espresso.

So, the short yet precise answer is that the blonde roast is stronger than the regular espresso as it contains a higher amount of caffeine per serving. The beans chosen for the blonde roast make it stronger, not the roasting process itself. Moreover, the Starbucks blonde roast espresso consists of 85 mg of caffeine, which is 10 mg more than regular espresso.

Although the difference of 10mg of caffeine won’t make any noticeable difference, it’s enough to make the blonde roast the strongest espresso shot on the Starbucks menu.

There are several more exciting and knowledgeable facts that make blonde roast superior to the regular espresso. This article will enlighten you about the qualities, origins, and specialties that differentiate the blonde roast from the regular.

Is Blonde Roast Coffee Stronger?

Yes, Blonde Roast Espresso is stronger than regular. The main reason why it is stronger with high caffeine content is its unique blend of beans. The beans used in making this coffee are rich in aroma, caffeine, and taste. After all, a new blend will need new beans, right?

The original regular espresso available at Starbucks is made from dark roast beans. These beans originate from the Asian Pacific and Latin America. In contrast, the blonde roast espresso is made from the beans that originate and grow in East Africa and Latin America.

So, it’s not the roasting technique but the difference in bean origin and quality that makes the coffee stronger.

Moreover, you will find a typical myth revolving around the coffee community about the caffeine content. Many coffee enthusiasts believe that there’s a higher caffeine level in the lighter roasts than the dark roasts. This is completely false and a myth to avoid. The intensity or the degree of the bean roast has no contribution to the caffeine levels in your daily cup of coffee.

So, conclusively, the primary reason why blonde roast espresso is stronger than the regular espresso is beans. The beans come from Africa and Asian Pacific. Whoever picked this bean for the roast is a messiah to the coffee community. After all, who wants a weaker espresso, right?

Blonde Roast Espresso: In-Depth Detail

Now that you have gained insight into the origins of the blonde roast coffee beans, you may be wondering how it got the name ‘blonde.’ Well, the answer is simple – good marketing strategy.

  • When you discuss coffee and hear the word ‘blonde,’ you will obviously think of a light roast coffee. However, in this scenario, what you hear can be deceptive. It may not be as light as you imagine in your mind.
  • Blonde roast espresso has been advertised as the ‘light roast’ by Starbucks. However, the reality is different, as the coffee is more like a medium roast when compared to a regular espresso or coffee.

How does it make sense? Well, the reason why it sounds normal for Starbucks to call it ‘light’ for their medium roast is simple. The majority of their coffee beans are authentic dark-roast.

Starbucks started to use the term ‘blonde roast’ way back around 2012. The motto was to identify their lighter coffee beans. Hitherto, the coffee community referred to these lighter beans as the cinnamon roast for their coloration. Eventually, this led to confusion where people started to believe cinnamon roast referred to the cinnamon taste instead of the color.

It’s completely understandable as normal people wouldn’t indulge that much in coffee like the coffee enthusiasts.

So, the introduction of the name ‘blonde roast’ was a great alternative to wipe out the confusion. Moreover, it was an amazing Starbucks marketing strategy to keep them unique and separate from competitors.

How Much Caffeine Is In Blonde Roast?

If you want to indulge deeply in the subject, you have to explore the factors that help the blonde roast stack up against either coffee available in Starbucks.

  • You must know that a shot of espresso comes in the 1oz portion. However, you can easily pour the coffee into mugs of varied sizes, ranging as small as 6oz and as big as 16oz.
  • Comparison will help you understand the difference better. Let’s compare the 1oz blonde roast espresso against the 8oz regular espresso, or what Starbucks likes to call a ‘short’ cup of coffee.
  • As mentioned earlier, 1oz shot of espresso by an original Starbucks consists of 75 mg of caffeine. This caffeine content is a bit higher than the usual caffeine content in espresso found in America, which is 64 mg. Both of the caffeine content lacks behind the superior digit – 84 mg of caffeine in the blonde roast espresso.
  • You will get about 155 mg of caffeine from an 8oz cup of coffee in Starbucks. However, there are various ranges and types of coffee available in the market, so let’s use a range here. You should know that regular espresso (black coffee) caffeine levels can range between 90 mg to 200 mg.
  • When compared to fresh coffee beans, the caffeine present in instant coffee is significantly lower. If you look at the caffeine levels by the most popular American instant coffee brands, it can range between 57 mg to 135 mg.

Lastly, you must know that the caffeine levels present in the cappuccino or latte is equivalent to the espresso. This is because each of them is simply shot with various amounts of frothed or steamed milk.

How to Make Blonde Roast Espresso At Home?

As you have learned almost everything about blonde roast espresso, it’s time to learn how to make it at home. Obviously, you can visit Starbucks and order a single or double shot to enjoy the full espresso flavor and aroma.

  • However, if you enjoy having coffee with milk, a flat white or a blonde latte will be ideal to order. But what if you want to make coffee at home? You may get astonished, but you won’t need an espresso machine to make it at home.
  • The blonde roast espresso can be brewed and enjoyed easily with the help of a Moka pot or a French press. However, you’ll need to buy the explicit beans from the Starbucks official website or when you visit their store.
  • Many people like to have their espresso made by pro-baristas. It’s all about preference. People who prefer to use a Nespresso or a Keurig machine will be pleased to know that blonde roast espresso comes in a pods package. You can definitely try blonde espresso from a pod to experience the different tastes and quality of the brew.

So, you must have understood how to make your own blonde roast espresso at home by now.

Taste of The Blonde Roast Espresso

The experience gained by drinking blonde roast espresso varies from one person to another. This experience mostly varies when you make the coffee at home for the first time.

When compared to the blonde espresso, the authentic dark roast espresso shot gives a more enhanced bold and earthy flavor. It tends to be a bit bitter than the blonde roast. However, many people find the blonde espresso to be moderately sweet with a citrusy aftertaste.

Coffee enthusiasts strongly believe that the shot works in more effective ways than one. The unique taste and aroma of the authentic beans is something every coffee-lover craves for. Moreover, the brew ensures the energy boost that you expect from espresso.

Lastly, having a shot of coffee is what will give you pleasure. To get the best idea of the taste and flavor, you’ll have to try it yourself.

Calories In Blonde Roast Espresso

This section is for the health as well as coffee enthusiasts. There are about five calories and zero sugar in a single shot of blonde roast espresso. Several coffee shops offer a double shot of blonde espresso, which obviously doubles the calorie count.

However, these numbers are subject to change, primarily when the blonde roast espresso is utilized as a base for several of the famous coffee drinks like a cappuccino or latte. If you’re on a calorie-deficit diet, having one shot of blonde espresso won’t make such a difference.

Is Blonde Roast Espresso Similar To The Cinnamon Roast?

The blonde roast was previously referred to as the cinnamon roast. This continued for several years, primarily due to the color of the beans. The term ‘blonde roast’ was first introduced to the coffee community by Starbucks as they soon realized the emerging confusion due to the name.

Soon, they realized that people were considering the cinnamon roast to taste like cinnamon instead of knowing its name after its color.

Can I Get A Blonde Roast Only For Espresso?

The blonde roast espresso by Starbucks is ideally suited for brewing in an espresso machine. Although you can use the beans for brewing in a Moka pot or a French press, it gives the best results when pressed in an espresso machine.

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