Keurig 2.0 Not Dispensing Water – Why & How to Solve It?

Keurig 2.0 Coffee Machines are highly reliable as they have decades of high-end engineering behind their functioning and construction. However, problems can come up with any machine. And a machine, such as Keurig that has warm water going through it is particularly prone to problems.

One of the most common troubles with a Keurig 2.0 machine is the pump not dispensing water. Now, it is not something that all Keurig owners are going to face normally, though it’s known to happen.

Recognizing the issue is the first step. After pressing the brewing button, you would hear some beeping noise, made by the pump trying to push through the water. However, when you do not see any coffee or water coming out, there can be several reasons behind it. Here’s outlining the reasons and their solutions:

Reason 1. Lack of Sufficient Descaling

The lack of any descaling or proper descaling due to limescale presence is one of the probable causes for this problem. If you have not been descaling the Keurig machine frequently enough or did not remember to do that for several months, there is a high chance that limescale has been accumulating inside your machine.

It leads to a clogging of the water pump. Here are a couple of steps to fix the issue if the presence of limescale is the reason and it all starts with descaling.

  • Fill the reservoir of the machine with water and your chosen descaling solution.
  • Put a big mug on that drip tray.
  • Next, try to begin the process of descaling by repeatedly brewing with descaling solution and water.
  • In the end, you will have to clean the device spotlessly by brewing the entire reservoir with freshwater. This rinse will help in getting rid of the strange taste and smell left by descaling.

If your Keurig machine could pump water and complete the process of descaling, your problem is already fixed. Or else, the reason behind the water pump failing to pump water is something else. You can check a couple of other possibilities.

Reason 2. Air Present in The Pipeline

Air present in the pipeline might block your water pump and stop the proper functioning of the device. Though it seems improbable, it happens. You can follow an easy process to fix the issue:

  • Fill your water reservoir up to nearly one quarter full.
  • Then, lift your reservoir up and down rapidly until you can see air bubbles come up from that water intake placed below the reservoir. The presence of air bubbles means the air is getting flushed out. So, go on agitating that reservoir until you cannot see any bubbles come up.
  • Fill the water reservoir once again and try to brew normally.

In this way, the air present in the device will leave the machine and the coffee maker will pump out water once more. If the problem persists, you can move on to the next possible solution.

Reason 3. The ‘More Water Please’ Message

You might have seen the error message flash on the screen that says ‘More Water Please’ error. It might be caused by any one of the two reasons:

  • The reservoir delivering false signs to the machine to confuse it, or
  • The wrong kind of water

You can eliminate the error with the following steps:

  • Refill your reservoir using fresh water to the topmost level. The Keurig will possibly start brewing once more simply by doing this. In case it does not, move on to the next step.
  • Empty your reservoir and clean every removable part of your machine by hand before rinsing thoroughly.
  • Make sure the valve isn’t clogged any way. Your Keurig has to be in a situation as close to its initial brand-new condition.

Fill your reservoir and begin brewing now. If it does not pump water yet, try the next step:

  • There is a float in the reservoir that runs right along its top. When it’s messed up right at the bottom part, it might send out wrong signals related to water level to the device. It will confuse the machine and prevent it from normally pumping water.
  • Shake and tap the coffee machine to make the float resettle.

Any one of the fixes mentioned above would get the ‘More Water Please’ problem gone. Now, you might need to repeat one or more steps from the ones mentioned above. So, there is no reason to feel disheartened if it does absolutely nothing after your first try. You will need to be persistent to get results.

Reason 4. Damages to the Water Pump

It’s possible that none of the earlier methods have applied to your situation and fixed the coffee maker. We need to consider the possibility that its water pump is damaged due to some other reason in that case.

Water pumps tend to wear out over time and it’ll naturally break partially or completely at some point. If none of those earlier methods make the coffee machine function again, it’s time to get a replacement for the pump.

Ensure that you buy the exact one to match the features of the current Keurig 2.0 machine because a different one might not work that well. It would be a good idea to call a professional to replace the water pump. It is not a difficult task by itself but technicians know about unscrewing and not damaging the machine further while replacing the pump – something that a normal user will not know.

Contacting a professional will get you the ease of mind and ensure that nothing goes wrong while changing the water pump.

General Solution to the Water Dispensing Problem

Usually, for fixing any issue with the Keurig coffee machine (including water dispensing problems), a general reassembling and disassembling of your machine might be necessary. It isn’t a difficult job, but one needs to be careful to not break any other thing in the kitchen. Anyone can do it normally if they have the given tools:

  • A screwdriver
  • A toothpick or something equivalent, not made of metal
  • A small knife
  • A plastic thumb-tack

Begin by removing the cover present below the handle. It is the first step and the one that will let you access the insides of the machine. You will notice a blade to feed the water in the pack, a proper hose, and one blade below it.

Carefully make three holes in the top blades using a toothpick to eliminate any residual ground coffee sticking to it. Also, you need to remove all the things that should not be there, such as limescale and small solid remains from the water or coffee. Remove everything that should not be on the machine.

Now, take a look at the hose ends to make sure they are fine and not blocked by anything. Check all the things you did, and ensure that the pieces are back from where it was taken when opening the machine for the first time. If you are happy with the cleaning, you can put every removed part back in place to close the lid.

If the reason why Keurig is not pumping water is because of a damaged pump, at least one of the methods outlined above will fix it. If you want to avoid it the next time, keep maintaining the machine properly. Descale the machine regularly, clean it from time to time, and disassemble and thoroughly clean the machine’s interior once or twice a year.

A proper maintenance routine is helpful in keeping the coffee machine dispensing water. The problem will not come back one more time and you will get to extend the life of the machine even further.

The Endnote

And that’s all! Hopefully, you now have enough information to fix your Keurig 2.0 Coffee Maker. Go ahead and try the tips mentioned above and your machine will work as before.

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