Keurig K15 Single Serve Coffee Maker Review

Single serve coffee makers are engineered and crafted to take your beverage experience to a new level. A delicious cup of coffee is all you need to feel relaxed after a long day at work. Or to enjoy some private space on those chilly wintery evenings alone in your company, isn’t it?

Single serve makers give you the same delectable taste cup after cup just with the simple touch of a button. To create your favourite beverage and customize it according to your taste preferences is possible with Keurig. It is a leading brand that has manufactured some of the finest compact coffee makers to prepare smooth and rich coffee. Plus, Keurig stands out in dispensing hot water and prepare any drink like tea, hot cocoa, and coffee just the way you like it. Delivering a hassle free coffee making, this brewer looks stunningly beautiful and the features are on top of the world. As the price is pretty affordable, everyone can enjoy using it to drink their much-loved beverages.

Instead of brewing a large pot, you can brew one cup at a time to sip fresh and hot coffee on demand. If you like flavoured drinks, this model allows you to enjoy that being conveniently simple at the same time. Once you are done having the coffee, throw the disposable K-cup without any cleaning issues.

Pros & Cons


  • Reliable and durable
  • A huge range of drink preferences to choose from over 250 varieties from 75 brands
  • Compact and portable for small kitchens
  • Freshly ground coffee can be used
  • Comes with a hot water dispenser


  • Water tank is small which makes it a mess when 3 or 4 cups are to be made
  • Each cup takes 2 minutes to brew
  • If you don’t grind your own coffee, you need Keurig branded capsules\

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Single cup coffee makers are the rage and Keurig is no less when it comes to design and features. Talking about how it looks, it is a gorgeous machine available in a range of beautiful colors like chilli red, true blue, jade, platinum, and black. With so many colors to choose from, Keurig has actually made it difficult to take a quick decision. Also, the small and compact design fits anywhere in your kitchen and doesn’t occupy the whole countertop. Keurig made no compromises with the quality and material and it is just like its other counterparts. Like other models, it has an easy coffee brewing procedure where you need to add water to the compartment, press the brew button and wait for few seconds to let it start brewing.


As always, Keurig has added the innovative features and latest technology into K15 model. Different flavours of coffee, hot chocolate and tea can be prepared with the customizable settings. In terms of popularity and performance, K15 has won many hearts so are you ready to talk about its features in detail?

Convenient to use

Brewing coffee was never as simple as it with Keurig K15. Built with a simple mechanism, this machine allows you to open the lid, put the desired K cup, fill the small water tank behind the lid and sit back. Also, there are different sizes from which you can choose your type of cup i.e. 6, 8 or 10 ounces. Once you close the lid for brewing, the brew button starts flashing to let you know that it’s the time to push the brewing button. After a minute and a half, the water starts heating up by which the light turns red to indicate. Everything is simple and displayed which even a beginner can understand.

Water reservoir

Designed for quick brewing, Keurig K15 has a single cup water reservoir that offers ultimate portability to the users. Want to go on a weekend vacation? Take it along and enjoy sipping your favourite cup of hot cocoa in no time. Whenever you wake up in the morning or need a refreshing cup in the evening, add fresh water for each brew as this is the unique point of this model.

Automatic shut off

Did you forget switching the machine off after brewing? Not to fret, Keurig K15 has an energy efficient mode which automatically shuts off the brewer after each brew. This feature is amazing as you don’t have to think much about your energy bills as well as you can sit calm to enjoy the luscious cup without bothering to shut it off.

Removable drip tray

Equipped with a removable drip tray, Keurig K15 offers for an easy cleaning when the brewing is done. Plus, by removing the tray, it is capable to accommodate tall travel mugs up to 5.2 inches. Isn’t it a good thing? You can carry your mug while on a one day trip and save extra bucks that had to be spent in a coffee shop. Prepare your favourite beverage i.e. tea, hot cocoa or coffee the way you want and chill out.

Suitable for all K cup pods

This feature is pretty awesome! 500 brands to choose K cup pods from, you actually rule the market having Keurig K15 at home. This single serve coffee maker brews all K cup pods but make sure to check the Keurig logo on each pod for best quality results. Name any brand – Lipton, Starbucks, Green Mountain Coffee or any other, it works perfectly with all these pods.

Flavour Choice

How do you like your coffee to taste? Keurig K15 allows you to select your coffee to be strong, decaf, mild or flavoured, isn’t it amazing? Brew all your favourites with simple touch of buttons and there you go with your type of coffee!

Should you buy it?

Well, well it is a debatable section. Oh yes, if you want a coffee maker to fulfil your travel needs, this is the best. The size and looks of this tiny model is amazing and because it won’t take much space, you should not miss buying it if you are just starting with coffee making at home. Plus, it would be a good fit for all those who are not coffee freaks and need only one or two cups a day to revitalize them.

Have a small kitchen area? Go for this single serve machine as it will not cost you a fortune and over your needs brilliantly.


Although Keurig brand keeps everything simple and convenient when it comes to maintenance part, yet you need to use your hands a little to make this coffee maker serve for long. Performance is no doubt wonderfully incredible but if you are a messy person, think twice before buying any of the coffee machines.

Avoiding spilling or dripped coffee is possible but if it happens, its removable drip tray makes the cleaning easier. Since it enjoys an outstanding customer rating, you don’t have to worry about anything. It’s easy to use technology and handy design makes it the top seller of the year.? To enjoy a quality cup of coffee, make sure to clean the water tank often or else the stale water will impact the flavours and aroma that coffee beans exude.

Think no more and buy this machine instantly!

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