Keurig Leaking Water After Brewing – Why & How to Fix It?

Keurig Leaking Water After Brewing

The Keurig coffee machine helps make amazing coffee with a tremendous variety of flavors. It is considered the best machine for getting inexpensive but really amazing coffee within seconds. 

But, the Keurig coffee maker is merely a machine, and machines face problems once in a while. It has been noted that the most common problem that this machine faces is leaking water after brewing. 

Why Does Keurig Leaking Water After Brewing?

One might often notice the water leakage from their Keurig machine after brewing. Sometimes, there is too much water inside the reservoir, which causes the leak to take place. But this problem can be fixed easily and quickly.

Filling your Keurig up to the dotted line in the reservoir can help prevent leaking after brewing. But, here, if you choose to add even a drop more, it can cause dripping of water. 

Also, if there is too much water piled up at the base of the machine, it can be dangerous. This is because the appliance runs on electricity and can have serious after-effects.

Your Keurig begins to leak after brewing when it has not been cleaned. So, it is considered best if you descale the machine once every few months to be on the safe side. 

It will help prevent the dripping of water from the machine just as you have finished brewing. Failure to do so can also lead to the formation of clogs, and certain parts of the machine are likely to be broken.

 Another reason why you might often experience leaks from the Keurig is because of any broken or damaged gasket inside the machine. 

Fix the problem of leaking by pouring out some water from the reservoir and descaling the machine. If the issue of leakage persists, it is usually because certain parts of your gasket are damaged or broken. 

In order to fix this leakage problem due to the broken gasket, it is best to ask for repair or even replacement if the problem is major. Keurig offers the best customer service whether your machine is under warranty or not. So, seek their help in need. 

How to Fix a Keurig Leaking Water After Brewing?

If you are noticing that your Keurig leaks water after brewing, it has something to do with your entrance needle. The entrance needle is situated at the bottom part of the upper half, where there are openings on both sides. 

The leakage of Keurig usually occurs when your entrance needle is filled with debris that has not been cleaned for long. 

So, in order to prevent this problem of leaking after brewing, it is best to check whether your entrance needle is clean or not. If you find some debris clogging the entrance needle, clean it thoroughly and check the results for yourself. If you continue to face the same issue, call customer service at Keurig. 

 Another reason that might cause leakage of the Keurig machine after brewing is the incorrect pod size at the top of the machine. When the pod located at the top of the Keurig is not correct in terms of size, leakages are bound to occur. 

So, in order to prevent this problem from occurring, replace the pod with one of the correct sizes. 

You can replace it manually with the help of instructions mentioned by the manufacturer. If you are facing problems in being able to replace them properly, you can always contact customer service and ask them to do it for you. But usually, there is no need to call for customer service. 

This is because the guidelines mentioned by the manufacturer are enough to help you select the appropriate pod size and work with it. 

How To Clean The Entrance Needle?

If you are often finding leaks from your Keurig after you are done with brewing, it is time that you clean the entrance needles of your machine. This will help get rid of all the debris accumulated inside the entrance needle located at the bottom of the upper half. 

 One must remember that it is important for the entrance needle to stay in the machine while it is being cleaned. You cannot take out the entrance needle, clean it up to get rid of the debris, and place it back where it belongs. 

On the underside of the brew head, you will come across two holes. The steps you must follow for cleaning the entrance needle are:

 Remove the pod holder from the brewing chamber of the Keurig machine.

  1. In order to expose the tube on the underside of the pod holder, you must remove the funnel of the machine. Get hold of a paperclip and straighten one end of it. Now, gently insert this straightened end into the tube. As it enters the tube, you must begin to shimmy it to get rid of any debris present inside the needle. 
  2. After you are done getting rid of the debris inside the needle, you must rinse the same under running water. 
  3. The last thing to do after you have rinsed the needle tube is to leave it to air dry. 

 By doing this, you will easily be able to get rid of the debris present inside the needle that was clogging it for so long. All you have to keep in mind is to remain cautious during the entire process. 

This is because the entrance needle is very sharp and can hurt someone if they are not extra careful.

How to Fix a Keurig Leaking Water During Brewing?

Sometimes, when the reservoir of your Keurig coffee machine is overflowing with water, some of the water is prone to leak out. So, in order to prevent this overflowing of water, you must dump out some of the excess water. 

Keep the water level up to the dotted line to prevent this problem from occurring in the future. 

 Also, water in your coffee machine is likely to leak when your machine is clogged either with coffee beans or with debris. In order to prevent this issue, it is best to clean your machine by following the guidelines set by the manufacturer. 

If you are facing any difficulty while doing so, contact Keurig customer service, and they will gladly help you out. 

 If both of the above reasons are not the cause of water leakage while brewing, it is safe to say that the upper gasket has become loose or is broken. In order to prevent this issue from occurring, you must check the alignment of the gasket. 

Shut down the gaps between the K-cup and the puncture needle. If you find out that a certain piece of the gasket is broken, ask for repair or replacement. 

 Lastly, if all three of these issues are not the cause of water leakage from the coffee machine, it is possible that a valve or hose in the machine is damaged. If this is the ultimate problem, you must contact customer service right away. 

The Bottom Line

There are various causes that can ultimately lead to leaks from the coffee machine after brewing. Whether it is the overflowing of water in the reservoir or damage in the gasket, if not repaired, the problem is likely to rise even more. 

So, in order to be on the safe side, call customer service and ask for either repair or replacement of the broken parts to avoid further damage from occurring. 

If you are planning on brewing a delicious cup of coffee using the Keurig machine but are tired of the problem of leaks, take some actions to fix that. Hopefully, this guide will serve as the best resource for you whenever there’s a need to clean your Keurig after brewing.

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