KRUPS EA8298 Super Automatic Espresso Machine Review

If you are an espresso lover and want to bring home the barista like flavours of coffee, KRUPS super automatic latte espresso machine is the right choice. There is absolutely nothing better than this machine as it is equipped with the innovative and latest functionality to give you major coffee goals. Whether you like a strong cup of espresso, a rich shot of cappuccino, a frothy textured hot cocoa or a simple brew, this machine is perfect to go for.

Since it has the versatility, you will get a variety of drinks for the morning and evenings. If you are looking to spruce up your kitchen with new appliances, start from KRUPS coffee machine as it looks beautiful in black and will surely add a new dimension to your kitchen area. Having your espresso machine is wonderful for so many good reasons. First, you don’t have to wait in the coffee shop to have your cup delivered, then no need to wake up and go straight to a nearby cafe before leaving for job and lastly the trouble of stopping by while on your way back to home in the evening will be gone. And what’s more? The huge coffee bills every month will cut down to a negligible amount.

Keep this espresso latte maker on the countertop and start making delicious cups by turning a knob and pressing a button, and that’s it. Let’s create flavourful coffee drinks with this compact and super automatic coffee maker. Let me walk you through its design, features, pros, cons and whether or not should you buy it:

Pros & Cons


  • Fully automatic
  • Built in coffee bean hopper to keep the beans fresh
  • Compact and beautifully designed
  • Easy to use control panel with clear indications
  • Integrated frother and milk heater for lattes and cappuccinos
  • Automatic coffee ground tamping with hydraulic system
  • Removable drip tray to ensure easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Ergonomic knob for simple navigation


  • A bit pricey for the budget friendly people
  • Crema is not that amazing for fully crema loaded drinks

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While with these pros and cons, you are now able to make a fair decision about whether or not should you buy it. If there are any more doubts, read this section:


Encased in stunning black body, a color of royalty, KRUPS has made coffee making an easy process. It looks really lavish in the modern and fashionable wooden or marble kitchens. No matter what your kitchen decor is, this compact maker looks extremely fabulous. Designed and manufactured in France, KRUPS comes with extra accessories which include water filtration cartridge, cleaning tablets, and descaling powder to enhance your experience even more. With this espresso coffee machine, bring out your inner barista and start making your own flavours as desired.


KRUPS EA8298 prepares a perfect coffee shot for both the beginners as well as aficionados. While it is crafted with a removable milk frother, you can expect a richest and smooth espresso or latte within minutes. Let’s talk about its features in detail:

Fully automatic

Designed to perfection, this is a fully automatic machine manufactured in a convenient compact size. Since it has a friendly size, you can carry it anywhere along to prepare coffee in your lawn as well on those snowy days when you want to enjoy with family. To deliver a perfect cup of coffee, it has an innovative steam heating system, 15 bar high pressure water pump and thermoblock heating system for temperature control. When it comes to water temperature and pressure, KRUPS makes sure to maintain the stable brewing while allowing you to have the coffee in minutes. Also, the tamping process is perfect to produce precise and consistent grinds when the coffee selection is made.

User friendly control panel

For fresh and flavourful coffee without any hassle, KRUPS has a super user friendly control panel. With its intuitive LCD screen, your coffee selection is made effortless. Equipped with an ergonomic knob and auto controls, you can sit back while the machine do all the hard work for you without even bothering you. Choose from the type of coffee i.e. espresso, super espresso, coffee, long coffee and wait for the KRUPS to indicate when your drink is ready.

Removable milk frother

With its integrated milk frother, brew the coffee and froth at once. As it is featured with an integrated milk heater and frother, it gives the perfect taste of cappuccino just the way you want. Plus, it is removable and dishwasher safe to ensure maximised cleaning when there are any spills or drips on the tray. It can be cleaned easily with the automatic cappuccino cleaning setting, isn’t it great?

Built in grinder

KRUPS EA8298 espresso machine has been designed with a built in conical burr grinder. With this technology, you have to add your beans in the burr grinder and select the grind preference i.e. coarse or fine. Before brewing the coffee, it grinds the beans precisely with 1450 watts of electric power. Additionally, it has a bean hopper in which the coffee beans are stored for later use and because the hopper is sealed, beans remain fresh.

15 bar high pressure pump

KRUPS EA8298 ensures to extract the full flavours of the coffee beans to deliver rich shots of your favourite coffee. The aroma is so heavenly good to make you indulge in its taste like there is no tomorrow. For professional results, this feature plays a major role as brewing a consistent espresso requires precision which this coffee machine promises to. For each brew, the amount of water and milk is in complete control to end up getting your desired espresso beverage.

Should you buy it?

KRUPS EA8298 is an espresso machine well suited to coffee enthusiasts who want to make their home a barista. This machine feels lush and perfect because it makes a fresh cup of espresso every time you command it. You will definitely get the best espresso, latte and cappuccino but for that, you have to lose your pockets. Yes, the price is on higher pool so it might seem you a tough road ahead in giving away $1079 to grab an espresso machine, isn’t it? Of course, no stress and just the wonderful super automatic machine to fulfil your espresso needs but these are a lot of bucks. Think twice before you invest but if you do, it is an ASSET for your kitchen.


While KRUPS EA8298 is the best ensemble of performance and price, it is not to miss. Get a rich espresso like beverage to make your coffee drinks from the comfort of your home or office. As the price is a little high, you are getting a built in burr grinder, bean hopper, super automatic and a dishwasher safe machine. Since it is not a tip-top machine to match those big renowned brands who charge thousand dollars to convert your home into a fully fledged coffee shop, KRUPS make cappuccinos or lattes better with the push of a button.

Go get it now and choose from 6 recipes already programmed at the intuitive control panel.

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