Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Espresso and Cappuccino Maker Review

Lattes, cappuccinos and other coffee drinks are to die for, seriously I love them. There is a reason why we pay a lot of bucks to grab that large cup of coffee, isn’t it? After a tiring day at work or to open our eyes in the mornings, these beverages keep us fresh and energetic. A different kind of vigour we feel in our body while sipping on coffee.

Well, Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista has been doing really well since its very first launch in 1970s. This brand gives us major coffee goals by delivering an ultimately tasty cup to take our rich coffee experience to richest. When it comes to preparing delectable cup, Mr. Coffee doesn’t leave any stone unturned. With its robust quality espressos, lattes and cappuccinos, you are sure to fall in love with the frothy texture it adds. Also, for a pretty reasonable $200, you can get luscious results. This gadget pulls espresso shots on command and combines them with fresh and frothy milk to make your favourite coffee in no time.

Effortlessly simple, this coffee maker is all you need but of course, it is not a super machine. If you expect it to handle everything ranging from grinding and weighing beans, it won’t do that so make your choice accordingly. Other than that, it is surely a la-la land product that matches the premium brewers which easily extracts out thousands of dollars. Find out more about the design, features, pros and cons of this barista maker.


Mr. Coffee barista espresso maker boasts a luxurious design with stainless steel body. The contemporary steel plated design looks attractive enough that beautifully complements the kitchen backdrop. The knobs/buttons give a lavish feel and the milk mug looks smart on the counter. Measuring 12.4 inches tall by 10.4 inches wide, this Cafe Barista is really compact in size to even fit the small kitchens. However, this sizable appliance gives a frugal way to experience real espresso drinks without much ado.


Getting this fantastic espresso maker is not tough but before you jump into buying, walk through these awesome features. Indulge in the delectable tastes of cappuccinos, iced and choco nutty lattes.

Easy accessible buttons

No need to keep your mind extra active while operating it. With a simple button push, you can get either single or double shots of espresso. Also, by holding the button for few seconds, it is possible to add frothed milk to the beverage, customize the espresso and clean the coffee maker. To prepare your kind of coffee cup, all you need to do is fill up the water and milk in the respective tanks and run the different cycles.

LED lights

Featured with LED lights, this barista maker has a control panel with 9 different functions. The left control panel gives you the privilege to make espresso shots whereas the right side is equipped for manual operation like making extra froth or cleaning the reservoirs. While its control panel is designed and surrounded by green LED lights to give you indications about your coffee making process, you also get to know which espresso choice you have opted for.

Automatic milk frother

To convert the ordinary milk to rich frothy foam, automatic frother comes in handy. In the modern market of coffee makers, this feature is gaining a lot of appreciation as you might like foamy textured cappuccino to kill your monotony. Perhaps, this feature sets this maker apart from its counterparts but the taste is not 10 on 10. Plus, the milk reservoir can be stored in the fridge if there is any leftover instead of spilling it down in the sink.

Brewing performance

This machine is amazing in handling the whole coffee making process given the 15 bar pump pressure. It brews rich tasting coffee much like the coffee shops and since it prepares the drink within a minute, you can sip on any time you want. Planning a friends’ sleepover or inviting colleagues for a meeting or enjoying a weekend? Mr. Coffee will give you a hot cup at your service.

Drink Preferences

With its one touch control panel, it allows you to choose from espresso shots, lattes, or cappuccinos. Plus, you can become a cafe expert owing to adjustable control knob and easy buttons.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning is quite simple due to the removable water reservoir. You need to wash the water tank and filter with warm water and soap to make it last long. Regular cleaning is convenient as you can remove the water reservoir from the back of Mr. Coffee barista maker.


Well, like other models, Mr. Coffee has some pros too. These points will help you decide whether or not to buy this unit.

  • This unit looks royal in any modern kitchen because of its steel type looks.
  • LED lights are a good addition to let the user know it’s working
  • No need to worry about the cleaning part as it is dishwasher safe
  • Can brew latte, cappuccino and espresso of any kind, size and milk type
  • The price is really affordable for even the beginners
  • Steaming and brewing automation to froth milk
  • No hassle of refilling the water tank often as the size is pretty large to avoid frequent trips
  • Can adjust froth and coffee strengths
  • Can accommodate tall mug for milk based espresso drinks due to its adjustable height under brew head


Every product comes with some pros and cons which is absolutely fine. But I am glad that this coffee maker outdid itself in the pros section leaving only a few minor cons. Let’s check out:

  • For true coffee lovers, this unit might not be the best choice as the milk frother doesn’t performs splendidly
  • The milk reservoir leaks if it is not firmly placed in the slot before brewing
  • A bit loud if you have the habit to drink coffee early in the morning and don’t want to disturb others

Should you buy it?

Well, this is a hard question to answer. In the coffee making industry, there are many models which are performing really well according to the customers’ expectations. Of course, they cost thousand bucks and some of them are for commercial purposes also. But if we talk about Mr. Coffee, it is priced economically and is an entry level coffee maker suitable for the beginners. Those who are looking to drink frothy cappuccinos can buy this unit as their first coffee machine. Looking at other makers with similar features which start at $500, Mr. Coffee is definitely a recommended buy. Isn’t it better to grab it instead of spending money in coffee shops daily?


Versatility, great build and outstanding features are three things that you will get in this coffee maker. Mr. Coffee is a renowned brand to please any coffee lover but if you don’t have enough time to experiment with a heftily priced machine, this model will give you a perfect cup though. Also, its one touch control panel allows you to prepare coffee with utmost ease as long as you follow the instructions well.

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