Mr. Coffee Light On But Not Brewing – Why & How To Fix It?

Mr. Coffee Light On But Not Brewing

A great morning is never complete with a cup of hot brewed coffee. However, things may become annoying when your coffee maker starts having problems and stops brewing. 

Although Mr. Coffee maker is a reliable machine, it can have some problems too. At times, you may find the coffee maker to have its light on but not brewing any coffee. 

So, it’s likely you wonder why your Mr. Coffee maker light is on but still not brewing any coffee. In this case, there must be some problem with it. To fix those problems, you must know the possible reasons and solutions. 

In this article, you’ll learn the reasons why your Mr. Coffee maker light stays on, but it doesn’t brew any coffee. So, let’s start. 

Why Is My Mr. Coffee Light On But Not Brewing?

If the Mr. Coffee light stays on but doesn’t brew any coffee, it may be because of a water supply issue. Plus, things like a bad lid and filter can result in this problem too. 

Other possible reasons include clogged lines, bad heating elements, hard water deposits, etc. Of course, there are plenty of methods to resolve these problems. 

However, every problem comes with a unique solution. So, you must learn all possible reasons before jumping into the solutions. 

1. Clogged Lines

You can face issues in brewing when there are clogged lines present in your Mr. Coffee. For instance, the light will stay on, but the coffee maker won’t brew any coffee. 

Typically, tap water comprises mineral deposits. The sedimentary deposits disrupt the usual flow of water in the coffee machine. 

These hard water and mineral deposits clog the line of the coffee maker. Consequently, the machine won’t be able to brew efficiently, and you’ll feel a change of taste. 

2. Poor Heating Element 

A poor or powerless heating element can result in the coffee maker stopping brewing despite having the lights on. At times, one or both fuses are open. In that case, the bad heating element becomes useless. 

If the heating element loses power, you can quickly fix it. However, in case of a damaged heating element, you’ll need to replace it. 

3. Water Reservoir Issue

If your Mr. Coffee light is on but not brewing, you may have a problem with the water reservoir. At times, there’s not enough or full water in the reservoir. 

Lift the lid to check the water level. If you find the reservoir empty, be sure that’s why your Mr. Coffee is not brewing any coffee. 

4. Misplaced Mr. Coffee Parts 

At times, misplaced Mr. Coffee’s machine parts can result in the brewing problem. For instance, the lid of the coffee machine may not be positioned correctly. 

Plus, the machine will face some issues if the filter gets misplaced from its true position. 

5. Power Supply Issue 

If your coffee maker doesn’t get power or encounters trouble with the power supply, you may face some issues. For instance, brewing won’t be effective if the coffee machine doesn’t consume sufficient power. 

6. Damaged or Poor Sensor

At times, you may have a damaged or poor reservoir sensor, which shows false signals. For instance, the coffee maker light will be on but not brewed. The sensor issue will send out a defective signal. At times, you may find the light to blink. 

How To Fix Mr. Coffee Not Brewing?

To resolve the issue of your Mr. Coffee, you’ll need: 

  • Thermal fuse 
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Cleaning vinegar

Step 1: Inspect The Water Reservoir 

You can’t make coffee without water. If you can turn on your Mr. Coffee machine, but it doesn’t brew, check its water reservoir. Look at the gauge’s side or lift the lid to check the water level. Fill the reservoir with water until it’s full. 

Step 2: Make Sure Every Coffee Maker Part Is Positioned Properly

It’s imperative to know that coffee machines are sensitive. So, you must check all their components to see if they function efficiently or not. 

Ensure the coffee filter is center-aligned and well-supported. Use a new filter to replace the existing one if it’s warped or broken. Keep the lid secured and double-verify the power settings.

Step 3: Get Rid of Any Clogged Lines  

Utilizing the coffee maker regularly can lead to the formation of natural oils. It happens due to the minerals from hard water and the ground-up caffeinated beans. 

So, it’s best to clean the inside and outside of the coffee maker at least once every month. You can easily clean the remaining oils and other elements with one blended solution. Mix and prepare a solution of one cup warm water and one cup distilled white vinegar. 

Try using it for cleaning the water lines and filter of the machine. Make sure you remove each and every portable part of the coffee maker. Then, try to wash them one by one. If you check the Mr. Coffee manual, you’ll know whether this kid needs to be washed by hand.  

Step 4. Rise and Dry the Coffee Maker 

You must rinse and dry before using the parts. Run a brew cycle by adding a mix of water and vinegar into the water reservoir. 

Use a pot full of clean water through the coffee maker in an attempt to brew coffee with grounds. Use a damp microfiber piece of cloth to accomplish the cleaning procedure. 

Step 5: Look For The Heating Elements & Fuses

If you continue facing the problem, you must check the fuses on the bottom of the machine. First things first, turn off the water reservoir and empty it. 

Then, go for the appliance’s bottom to remove the plastic cover over there. The heating element is the metal plate. It connects to the U-shaped hose. 

The thermal fuses, which are long needle-like things, must be able to connect with the wiring on the bottom. See if there’s any continuity or not. 

The heating element can lose power when there’s displacement in one of the thermal fuses. Luckily, you can buy a thermal fuse for less than $2 at any hardware store. 

Then, use a soldering tool or pliers to attach the new thermal fuse to establish continuity. The bottom of the coffee maker must not endure any break in the lines. 

Step 6: Connect With Mr. Coffee For Repairs and Replacements

As per the statement from Mr. Coffee, their products don’t have any user-serviceable parts. If the above-mentioned solutions cannot resolve the problem, you’ll have to seek professional assistance. You’ll have to contact a certified technician for the task of repairing the machine. 

For Repairs: You’ll find many authorized service repair centers for your broken or damaged Mr. Coffee maker. These centers offer repair services for a range of Mr. Coffee products, from coffee accessories to Espresso machines. 

For Replacements: If your Mr. Coffee maker still has its one-year warranty, take advantage of it. Lodge your claim at their website. Simply upload the photos of your coffee maker and its problematic/faulty components. To be more specific, add your model number and date of purchase. 

Additional Considerations 

  1. Although obvious, if everything else fails, try checking your power connections. 
  2. Take the circuit breaker in your home to reset it. 
  3. Check for any visible damage to the power cord. 
  4. The brand presents a replacement guide on its website if there’s any need for a replacement power cord. 
  5. Although coffee makers ensure good performance for five years on average, that’s not always what happens. 
  6. Several Mr. Coffee maker issues can be quickly fixed with some average cleaning and tweaking. 
  7. However, if the non-warranty part of the machine starts malfunctioning, maybe it’s time to upgrade to a new machine. 

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