Mr Coffee Maker Beeps But Won’t Brew – Reasons & Solutions

For a caffeine lover, a coffee maker is nothing short of a blessing. You do not need to worry about getting the perfect cup of coffee every morning. You can go to your kitchen half asleep, push a few buttons on your Mr. Coffee Maker, and the machine will handle everything. But what if one morning you see the device only beeping and not brewing? Surely ruins the morning, isn’t it?

Well, before you start worrying about it, relax and know that there are ways to fix the problem. Try the following fixes and clean the machine to make it work again.

Mr. Coffee Maker Won’t Brew – How to Fix It?

You wake up one morning to switch on your Mr. Coffee Maker, and it keeps beeping without brewing. In this case, you have five ways to fix the device, such as the ones discussed below.

1. Take a look at the lights

The issue is actually pretty obvious and simple most of the time. Electricity is the most common problem with most coffeemakers. A machine that is not receiving the power supply or has the switch turned off will simply not operate. Begin by taking a look at the light of the machine.

When the light remains off, look at the plug and ensure that it remains connected to the source of power. There is a high chance that it’s breaker tripped and the coffee maker isn’t getting proper electric supply. You can contact an electrician for aid if the issue is with the power supply.

2. Check the water Level

If the machine is plugged in a power source with its lights on, it is time to move on to the next possible solution. When the coffee maker keeps beeping and still does not make or brew coffee, the issue might be with the water level present in the machine.

Also, take a look at the water level to ensure that the water reservoir is full and the parts are placed properly in the machine.

3. Get the lid of the coffeemaker fixed

Your Mr. Coffee Maker is pretty complex, and even the smallest issue can get the machine to stop. When your machine is beeping but not working, there’s a high chance that the lid of the carafe isn’t properly fixed.

After placing the carafe in the right manner, the machine is going to work again. You can go through the manual once if you are not sure about the placement of the lid.

4. Faults in the switchboard

If the switchboard isn’t receiving any power, the machine will simply stop working. In case you can’t make out if the issue lies with the switchboard or not, try connecting the machine with some other power source and try to turn the machine on.

If the machine begins working, you have your answer – the issue is with the switchboard.

5. Dirt and grime in the machine

All coffee machines require regular cleaning. When you do not clean the coffee maker, it starts affecting the quality of the coffee. So, when the machine is simply not working, it can be due to the fact that the machine needs cleaning.

In most cases, Mr. Coffee Maker can get clogged due to calcium and hard water deposits. It impedes the water flow and impacts the smooth taste of your brew. Proper cleaning will not just make the machine start working again but also ensure that you have the right dose of caffeine each morning.

How to Clean Mr. Coffee Maker Easily?

Even when your machine operates perfectly, it is important to clean it regularly. Ideally, you need to clean the carafe and the lid after each use. Also, you have to remove all the coffee grounds present in the brew basket or your next cup of coffee will not taste the same.

It is necessary to deep clean the coffeemaker once every three months to remove all the deposits. It’s the best way to ensure that the coffeemaker runs for years without giving you any trouble.

Now, cleaning a coffee maker does not seem like an easy and simple process. But there is nothing complicated about cleaning the device. You only need to know the right steps to make sure the device is clean and not broken.

Given below are the six simple steps to follow for cleaning the coffee maker:

1. Avoiding the accumulation of mineral deposits in the coffee maker is impossible. Particularly, hard water comes with a high mineral content. Due to this reason, the coffee maker keeps gathering sulfate and calcium residues over time.

The coffee maker will not perform optimally if you do not clean up the residues. A simple homemade solution is enough to clean the residues.

Fill the reservoir of your machine with equal parts white vinegar and water. Some models of Mr. Coffee Maker come with a ‘clean’ button. So, press that button and let the machine deal with the rest. Keep brewing the pot if you do not find such a button.

2. After you are done with the process of brewing, allow the solution to stay like that for half an hour. It is really crucial for deep cleaning. That water and vinegar solution is going to clean the mineral residues and oil deposits in the machine. It will simultaneously clean up the permanent filter.

After those thirty minutes are done, get the pot to empty out and rinse the carafe and the permanent filter. Throw away the disposable filter if you use one. If you want the carafe to be sparkly clean, simply swirl a bit of rice and water in it.

3. After this, you will have to brew just water in the device. If you skip this step, the vinegar residues will stay in the machine and leave a bad taste to your coffee.

So, throw the water away after it is brewed. Now, repeat this process with just water to ensure that there is no vinegar left in the machine.

4. Next, move on to separately washing each part of the coffee machine. You just need to take each part apart and use a regular dishwashing liquid to get them cleaned. Take a look at the manual that comes with the machine in case you are not sure about how to remove the machine parts.

5. In case your Mr. Coffee Maker is dishwasher-friendly, it would be a good idea to put each part in the dishwasher. Additionally, the coffee makers that are dishwasher-friendly are easier to take apart and that simplifies the cleaning process.

6. As you are done washing, do not forget to keep all the parts in their proper place. If you do not place each part at its proper place, your coffeemaker will not function properly.

Regardless of whether the coffeemaker is dishwasher-friendly or not, getting it cleaned is extremely important. In easy steps, you get to deep clean the machine and get the best tasting coffee every time. In case you do not have white vinegar, apple cider vinegar or baking soda will work just as fine.

However, apple cider vinegar comes with a stronger taste that might linger in the machine. Even lemon juice works well when it comes to cleaning the machine. Though deep cleaning is crucial, it’s also important to clean the carafe and lid after each use.

Make sure to clean the permanent filter after each use to keep the taste of the coffee unaffected. Remember that the power cord and electrical base of the coffeemaker should never remain immersed in water. Also, you can clean the device with a dry cloth when and if required.


And that’s all! Your machine should be working perfectly by now. Make a cup of coffee right away and check if everything is okay at this point.

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