Pour Over vs French Press

Pour Over vs French Press

Every coffee lover is always torn between the choices available. Whether to go for an espresso or a cold frappe would light up the mood; there are an endless amount of options that you can have in coffee.

We all know that coffee is a caffeinated drink that has different variants depending upon its preparing method. Unless you are certain about your choices and mood, it becomes a tough challenge.

Apart from selecting the type of coffee you need for the day, there is another daunting task that you need to overcome, i.e., to choose between pour-over or French press.

You have got your roasted or ground coffee delivered, now all you need is decide which coffee drink you would like: espresso, cappuccino, or latte. The brewing method is the most crucial decision when you want your coffee to be perfect.

Both pour-over and French press are amazing ways to prepare coffee and have their unique results.

If you are also concerned about making choices, this article is just for you. We are going to make a comparison between pour-over and French press that might help you at the end of the day.

Pour Over vs French Press

As the name suggests, pour-over is a traditional brewing method that gradually becomes a coffee preparing ritual. It is an elegant and straightforward method of brewing, where coffee grounds are saturated with water constantly. It is better known as filter coffee and drip coffee. A French press is a coffee press designed in late 1920. Throughout its course, the French press has gone through plenty of transformations. It is an easy and affordable means of preparing coffee without any hassle. You just need to click some switches and wait till you get your perfect cup of coffee.

How Does Pour Over Work?

Using this brewing method to prepare coffee is simple, just like its name. You need to pour water on the coffee grounds and let it saturate. The cylindrical filter will swirl the coffee grind with water allowing them to settle at the bottom. The hot water will drip through the filter imbibing the essence of coffee grinds. This way, you will get freshly brewed hot coffee.

How Does French Press Work?

Though it may sound like a complex machine, French press works simply and effectively. It is a common name for brewing. The French press is a machine that steeps the coffee ground in hot water, which separates coffee liquid ground. You just need to add hot water into the cylindrical glass carafe that has the ground coffee. The coffee ground steeps into the container, and the filter pushes the grounds to the bottom.

What is The Brewing Method?

The pour-over uses an infusion method that infuses the exact flavors of the coffee, retaining the natural oils through the filter. With this method, your coffee grinds will also not get oversaturated. The French pressed uses the immersion method to brew coffee. The coffee grounds immerse in the water and are left for brewing. French press heats the water for immersion. The brewing time with French press generally ranges from 3-8 minutes. Whereas, the pour-over takes 3-4 minutes maximum. A French press is more of an elongated process with the immersion method, and pour-over uses the infusion method, which is much quicker.

French Press or Pour Over? Which is Easy To Work With?

If you have been using a drip coffee maker, you won’t find any difficulty in using the pour-over maker. The most crucial part of pour-over is taking care of the coarseness and the right brewing time. You need to choose the right filter that can help you in the process. The French press also is an easy-to-use device even for a beginner. You can prepare your perfect coffee within minutes without much hassle. So, in terms of ease, both these methods are preferable.

Material Used In The Brewing Methods

To make a delicious coffee in a French press, you would need some minimal items like roasted beans, measuring cups, water, of course. Use a time, and thermometer, if you are a stickler for adding perfection. For pour-over coffee, you need the basic items that you use in any other brewing method. You will need coffee beans, electric grinder, scale and hot water. Don’t forget to pick up the right filter.

How To Control The Brew?

How you control the brew makes a significant difference in how it comes out. For a pour-over, you must slowly pour the water that will make the coffee bloom. You must remain patient throughout the process. When it comes to the French press, you need to be extra cautious. Use a thermometer to check the temperature of the hot water; it must be 195 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not pour the hot water all at once. Pour a little and wait as the coffee becomes frothy. You must allow the coffee to bloom for 30-45 seconds before pouring the next round of hot water.

It is highly important to control the brew while using either of the brewing methods. The way you manage your brew makes a significant difference in how the coffee comes out. Patience is the key to get a perfect with both the coffee makers. If you want a quick result, you will not get the right flavors. If you want the right flavors, you should not expect it to get done faster.

What is The Affordability You Can Expect?

You can buy both the devices online, and they are available in different variants. The feature-rich pour-over coffee will cost you around a hundred dollars. You can look at the quality products from popular brands at affordable prices. In terms of a French press, the price range differs according to the upgrades. A French press with two-stage filters, insulated carafe and the durable container will cost you a hundred dollars or two. In a nutshell, both the coffee makers fall at the same price range. There is not much difference in terms of affordability.

Pros And Cons That Will Help

When you are making a decision between two options, it is essential to align the pros and cons to make a better decision. Here are the combined pros and cons of both pour-over and French press:


  • A French press will not allow the coffee to lose the natural oils.
  • For a better flavor profile and lip-smacking coffee, pour-over is always the better option.
  • Pour overs are also easy to clean when compared to the French press.
  • A French press is automatic and you don’t have to do any manual task, other than adding the ingredients.


  • The time taken to make a French press coffee can disturb the quality of the coffee. The immersion method can take away the taste.
  • Those who want their coffee ready in no time must avoid the French press.
  • The pour-over method will lose some amount of flavor while processing due to the filtering process.

Pour Over Vs French Press: The Final Verdict

These are the two best brewing methods that coffee lovers prefer to prepare their coffees. Both pour-over and French press have their sets of advantages and drawbacks that make people prefer one over the other. The basic difference between them both is that French press uses the immersion method and pour-over uses the infusion method. Both in terms of ease and affordability, pour-over and French press are preferable. If you like your coffee to be smooth with a light flavor profile, you can use pour-over with lightly roasted beans. Those who prefer their coffee darker, bold and rich must incline towards dark roasted coffee beans in the French press.

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