How To Replace Keurig 2.0 Water Filter

How To Replace Keurig 2.0 Water Filter

Keurig coffee machines are the most popular ones in the market right now because of how they can churn out the perfect brew at the push of a button. But the machine needs the clean filters to do its job successfully.

Your Keurig machine needs a periodic change of filters if you want to keep making amazing coffee every time. The good news is that changing the water filter is not much of a big deal if you know the right steps to it. You can do it on your own, without calling a professional for help.

So, if your Keurig filter has lived out its days, given below are the detailed steps to change it. Read on and get to it!

How To Replace Keurig 2.0 Water Filter?

Replacing Keurig 2.0 Water Filter is a two-part process that involves removing the old water filter and installing the new one in its place.

You will have to start with taking the filter unit out from the top of the reservoir and discarding.

Then, you can soak the new filter for ten minutes and give the filter holder a good rinse. Finally, snap the new filter in place to start making your coffee again.

Removing Your Old Keurig Water Filter

The first thing to do when replacing your Keurig water filter is to remove that old one you have, and here’s how you do it.

Step 1: Completely Remove The Top Of The Reservoir

In your Keurig coffee machine, the water filter is there on the left side of the product. So, you will need to completely remove the top of the reservoir to get to the filter. Regardless of whether the reservoir has water or not, you can change its filter.

Step 2: Take The Filter Unit Out

You will notice that the handle of your upper filter is sticking up in the reservoir. Now, hold this handle firmly to pull that out of the water reservoir.

Now, the bottom part of your filter-holder remains locked in a number of plastic grooves made at the bottom of your reservoir. You might have to move the filter-holder to its place and then, give it a tug to take it out.

The new-age Keurig models have shorter and clearer filters, while the classic ones have black filters with circular timers fitted to it. In the high-end models, the filters are clear, thin, and tall.

Step 3: Discard Your Used Filter

It is time to open your filter holder and throw away your used filter. So, use the index finger and thumb to hold the tabs located at the lower-half of the filter. Now, pull it downward to release the lower holder and take out the older filter.

Installing Your New Keurig Water Filter

You will not find Keurig filters being sold separately in the market. So, your only option is to purchase one or two sets. As such, you might buy a set of six or twelve filters. All the stores that sell Keurig coffee machines also sell these filters, though you can check online at Walmart and Amazon, too, for better discounts.

Also, a set of filters will cost somewhere around $5 – $10. So, it will not burn a hole in your pocket. Now, let’s get to the steps to install the new filter.

Step 1: Soak Your Filter In Water For Ten Minutes

Before installing your new filter in the machine and preparing the first brew, the filter has to soak for some time and take the water in. So, fill a bowl or cup partly with water and put the filter inside it.

Also, remember that this filter needs to remain submerged at the time of soaking. Thus, you can add more water if needed. It will float for a while and gradually sink to the bottom of the bowl or cup after absorbing water for ten minutes.

Step 2: Hold The Filter Under Tap Water 

After this, hold the new filter under tap water to rinse it off. Let the tap water have a medium flow and keep the Keurig filter under it for a minute.

Step 3: Rinse The Lower Holder Unit

The bottom part of the lower holder unit will contain a thin layer of mesh. You will have to rinse this part with water to remove all traces of impurities or dirt that might have got to it during regular use. Also, while you are at it, rinse off the sides of the lower holder unit.

Step 4: Change The Filter In The Housing Part

Slide your new filter in the filter holder and keep the rounded side facing up. Next, make sure the lower hold is right below this new filter. Check whether the mesh part of the holder is completely covering up the flat-looking bottom of the filter. Finally, snap the sides of the holder in place to complete the process.

Step 5: Set Your Replacement Dial Ahead By Two Months

Look at the top of the replacement unit’s handle and you will find a replacement dial there that’s almost the size of a thumb. It has the numbers 1 to 12 listed on it which corresponds to the months of the year. At this point, turn this dial clockwise and let the indicator stop two months ahead of the present month.

So, if you are doing this in July, the indicator should point at 9 (September). Keurig uses this feature to set the electronic reminder to notify you in two months. But the reminder has no automatic setting as of yet.

Step 6: Set The Reminder Using Its Electronic Menu

Now, you have already turned the dial and set the change of filter alert to reach you in two months. If the indicator and the dial are working fine, you can use the electronic menu to turn the reminder on.

For that purpose, go to settings and enable the reminder for the water filter. The menu is usually pretty similar for all Keurig machines, but this electronic reminder feature is a new one.

Step 7: Put The Filter In The Keurig Reservoir

After reassembling your filter unit, place that unit back in the water filter of the device. The outer part of the lower holder unit snaps in place when you press it down at the reservoir’s bottom.

In case you can’t snap the filter in place, make sure that you have aligned all the plastic grooves at the bottom of the filter holder properly. If not, align the grooves properly, and this time the filter will fit perfectly in place. And you’re done!

When Should You Replace Keurig Water Filters?

You need to replace Keurig water filters after every two months. It will help to ensure that the filter is still in a condition to filter out the sediments and minerals present in water.

Why You Need To Change Water Filters Regularly?

Water filters present in all Keurig models can easily take enough abuse, but eventually, you will need to change them. And there are two reasons behind this:

Maintaining A Great Taste:

Coffee contains at least 95 percent water. So, water quality has an important role to play in how each cup tastes. Cleaning the water filters regularly and changing the cartridge in about two months is one of the surest ways to get great-tasting coffee each time.

Extending The Machine’s Life:

As these coffee makers depend on filtered water, you can expect that the same filtered water is the secret to maintaining the right acidity levels in all parts of the device.

Thus, regular cleaning and maintenance of the water filter will extend its life. After all, the filtered water will not let rust, sediments, or minerals accumulate around the tubes and valves of your machine.

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