Mr. Coffee’s Blinking Clean Light: Quick Fixes

mr coffee clean light blinking

Imagine having a great mood upon waking up from a good night’s sleep. Only to be ruined by the faulty clean light of your coffee maker. Oh no, not today!

It is a pervasive issue as it happens to nearly all coffee brewers. So, Mr. Coffee maker is no exception. The clean light is a unique, useful feature that alerts you whenever the machine needs cleaning and maintenance.

Maybe, the router settings have been changed. Or else, you have no other option but to reset the clean light. Regardless of the case, I’ll help you do the tricks so it won’t bother you again.

Why Does Mr Coffee Clean Light Blinking?

Is the cleaning light in your coffee brewer still blinking even after washing it down? Don’t feel too troubled. It’s like the machine is telling you – I need thorough cleaning! So, yes, it means that your initial cleanup is not sufficient to get shot of bacteria and undesirable elements.

Buying a coffee maker comes with a lot of responsibilities at your side. Just like other things, proper care and love are highly necessary. The layers of minerals constrain the taste of your coffee.

Even more, they damage the unit. Bacteria is another culprit you should be aware of. Not only is your drink at peril, but your body and health as well. Therefore, keep your favorite equipment sterilized regularly.

Three different colors appear on the clean light. The yellow indicates “brew later,” green means “brew now,” and the red implies “clean now.”

Whatever light color it blinks, do not let the coffee sit for all time. There are cases where you forget to drink even a small sip of coffee, perhaps due to urgent errands. That’s normal and reasonable, though. Just make sure to empty the vessel and give a deep cleanse.?

How to Reset the Clean Light on a Mr. Coffee?

There are four ways to reset the clean light. Firstly, unplug your Mr. Coffee maker from the power source. Then, press and hold the “Restore” button. Hold the “Restore” button while plugging in the machine back.

Lastly, wait for ten seconds before releasing the “Restore” button. It should not take too long for the coffee maker to return and boot up to its primary setting.

How to Clean Mr. Coffee Maker?

A flashing, clean light only indicates it is time for your coffee maker to undergo extensive maintenance. Here’s how you should start:

Daily Cleaning

1. Drizzle out the residual coffee on your sink. After that, wash the carafe with dish soap and warm water. Let it sit for a few minutes. Then, rinse out with fresh water.

2. The lid on your coffee brewer is responsible for keeping a fair amount of heat inside it. Stains and mineral deposits consider it as a perfect spot to reside and spread. It also includes the spray head. Use only a soft cloth or a piece of the sponge when cleaning the lid. Do not put too much pressure. Or else, your machine will get scratches.

3. Pull out the filter basket. Make sure to remove all the contents contained within. Store under the tap to eradicate the fouls. Use a dish soap-based solution for cleaning your filter basket. Reinsert after rinsing it off.

4. For the spout or carafe, use dish soap on top of the sponge and rag. Ensure there are no deposit residues before rinsing it with clean water. Return to its original space once done.

5. Don’t forget the outside surface. You will need a clean sponge or soft cloth. Clean the base and integrated displays. Then, rub out all the leftover water. Tumble dry with a clean towel.

Deep Cleaning

1. Unplug the Mr. Coffee maker first. Collect all the essential cleaning supplies you will need, like water, soap, and vinegar. If you are using hard water for your coffee brewer, vinegar is the ideal solution to have.

2. Empty the carafe and filter if you have leftover coffee inside. Clean each part with hot water, sponge/soft cloth, and mild dish soap. Any cleaning solution is also ideal.

3. Remove mineral build ups with water along with the potent effect of vinegar. Create an equal solution using a measuring cup. Allow the solution to flow in the container.

4. Take advantage of Mr. Coffee maker’s self-cleaning feature. Firstly, put a new filter with the solution inside. After that, press and hold the “Select” control. It will now activate self-cleaning. This process typically takes an hour.

5. Now you have the final cleanse. Dispense the solution from the carafe. You have to take away the filter from the basket, though. Stock up your reservoir with clean water and run a brewing cycle. When done, pour out all the water and thoroughly wash out the carafe.

In case none of these methods work, it’s time to get help from Mr. Coffee. Check the warranty that goes with your machine to know if it is still covered. It generally comes with a limited one-year warranty period.

Otherwise, prepare to shell out a bit of money to get the unit working again. Hygiene is an essential aspect, so take the cleaning methods seriously.

That means following what’s included in the manual and not going beyond unless you have acquired enough experience to tackle the job on your own.

Essential Tips for Cleaning Mr. Coffee Maker

1. Do not put the plug and water cord in water or any form of liquids since they are not dishwasher-safe.

2. Avoid using harsh soap as it leaves a lathered taste, which you can consume on your next coffee preparation. It eradicates the delicate and rich taste of your beverage.

3. Repeat the entire process if the mineral or dirt buildup is severe.

4. When resetting, do not unplug the unit as you will have to start over again. Plus, the light will continue to blink.

5. Clean the unit every ninety cycles. True coffee lovers will quickly get the reason behind. It will ensure you are getting a quality flavor profile. Your machine can maintain its tip-top condition too. It is especially crucial for those using hard water on the pot. Calcium deposits tend to accumulate quickly in the form of rings.

6. Use other cleaning methods or products if you run out of vinegar. Salt and ice water, lemon juice, and baking soda are popular alternatives. Rub the salt and ice against the inner area of the carafe with a big spoon or cloth. For baking soda, mix a quarter cup with water.

7. Multipurpose cleaners are great to use as well. It could be borax or hydrogen peroxide. The former is commonly used in cleaning fridges and washing machines, besides coffee brewers. Combine some tablespoons of it with a handful of cups of water. As for hydrogen peroxide, combine only one cup with two cups of warm water.

8. You may also use alcohol for cleaning coffee brewers. Thanks to its unique properties. Just pour a few amounts in the water reservoir and then add clean water. Around twenty-five percent of alcohol is recommended.

How Long Does the Cleaning Cycle Take on Mr. Coffee Maker?

The entire cleaning cycle usually takes around forty-five to sixty minutes. Do not switch off or unplug the unit while conducting a cleaning cycle. It can cause the light to hang about. You surely don’t want to taste any hint of vinegar or cleaning product in your next coffee pot. Wash the filter basket and carafe exhaustively.

How Often Should You Clean Mr. Coffee Maker?

For daily users, cleaning the unit once every month is recommended. Remove the grounds and clean the lid, carafe, and brew basket. As for deep cleaning, do it every three months. It thoroughly cleans mineral deposits and gives your coffee brewer a brand-new look. Consistent cleaning also ensures you always get a high-quality brew.

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