What Does The Strong Button Do On A Keurig

What Does The Strong Button On A Keurig Do

Keurig comes with the Strong Button to be used during the preparation of coffee. All the higher-end models have this button to create the strongest cup of coffee when brewing here.

Here we have incorporated information on the working of the strong button, its role, etc. Read through this guide to collect the details, following which you can use appropriately.

What Does The Strong Button Do On A Keurig?

Using the strong button, you can now prepare, customize or prepare a strong coffee.

The Keurig strong button is used to brew a robust and bold cup of coffee. The process of working is simple, which ensures the water being used in brewing has more time for steeping the coffee grounds.

It is a great option, and with that, preparing a strong cup of coffee at home would be easy. In all the latest products of Keurig, you will come across this feature as coffee lovers prefer that.

Using the function will require only 30 seconds more in the brewing time. But with that, you can have great taste, and it has a big impact. Choose a machine that comes with K-cups and a strong button as both make the boldest combination.

The strong brew button on Keurig is used to steep the coffee grounds for a longer time. It is the main reason the coffee will be strong after being prepared.

The cycle continues for only 30 seconds but has a great impact on the output. The brewing is higher compared to the normal brewing cycle. However, the quantity of caffeine remains the same even if you brew using the strong button.

How Does The Strong Button Work?

1. The strong button increases the brewing time by 30 seconds. It seems like a short time, but you can prepare a great cup of coffee.

2. When the water comes in contact with the coffee grounds, which need to steep longer.

3. To do that, the button will tell the brewer to release the water in pulses and in spite of a stream. With that, you are permitting the coffee grounds to become saturated with water for a longer time.

4. It results in a full-bodied and stronger cup of coffee. The process is simple to use, and you can do it easily.

Keurig Strong Button Brewing Process

It is a patented brewing process and pressure system, and you can accept the same quantity of coffee to get delivered at every temperature every time you brew. The process is simple and can be completed by following the below steps:

Step 1: First of all, fill the Keurig’s reservoir with water and put the mug above the drip tray.

Step 2: After that, place the favorite K-cup in its position and close the lid.

Step 3: The machine punctures the pods and closes the lid to pass the pressurized water via K-Cup. It is done to extract optimal coffee flavors.

Step 4: Make the drink selections and click on the brew button to start the brewing process.

Step 5: Once the process gets over, your coffee is ready.

Does The Button Really Work?

The short answer is yes, and the strong button works. Being a coffee lover, you must have real-life experience. Have a normal cup of coffee, and then prepare another cup in the machine using the strong button.

You will experience the difference in the flavor and taste of the coffee. When it is about brewing coffee, the word strength refers to the number of dissolved solids.

In the brewing extraction process, solids are dissolved in the water to produce coffee. The more solids get dissolved, the stronger your coffee will be. Thus, now it will make sense to you why the strong button does.

The longer the solids are in contact with the beans, the more dissolved solids it will result in.

Keurig New Brewing Technology

The new set of Keurig machines uses multi stream technology to saturate the coffee grounds. It is an innovative way to be used for brewing and the technique used to extract the full aroma and flavor of the coffee.

Several products of Keurig are available in the market, but all do not have a strong button. To brew your coffee, you should buy tools with a special feature.

Keurig Coffee Maker Models With Strong Button

From the classic ones to the office pro series, to get optimum promised service and great taste, here are some Keurig machines to consider.

  • K-Elite

Purchase a coffee maker that will fulfill several coffee makings, and for that, the K-elite machine is the one. It comes with a strong brew option, with both ice and hot brewing.

The strong setting gives a tastier and stronger brew, fits travel mugs, has auto-off and on buttons. It also has up to five cup size settings with a reservoir of up to 12 oz.

  • K Mini Plus

It is the best single coffee maker that you can ever have, and the strong button makes the device unique. Not only that, but it is also the slimmest single-serve machine, with a 6 oz to 12 oz removable reservoir for every cup.

It is one of the most price- able and easy-to-control coffee machines that you can have. You can prepare customized coffee with the K Mini Plus machine.

  • K-Mini Single-Serve Coffee Maker

For a single-serve, it is the best design with a strong button that extracts most of the robust flavor. The single-serve with refillable reservoir consumes less space, has a 6 oz reservoir, etc.

The reservoir needs to be refilled for every use. The sleek design and string option are the perks of the model and perfect while traveling.

  • K Select Coffee Maker

It is a perfect family coffee maker with a strong brewing option. It is one of the recommended choices with a removable drip tray, 52 oz water reservoir, four cup sizes, and an auto-off button for power savings.

Kinds Of Coffee Prepared Using The Keurig Strong Function

  • Black Label

It is a coffee brand using the machine to prepare the world’s strongest cup of coffee. It contains a lot of caffeine and contains 1555 mg of coffee per 12 oz.

  • High Voltage Coffee

It is an Australian brand with 1150 mg of caffeine each 12 oz brewed. High voltage coffee is not as bitter as other flavors.

  • Black Insomnia?

It is originally from South Africa and comes with 1105 mg of caffeine each 12 oz brewed. You can use the coffee in Keurig and press the strong button to prepare it.

What Type Of Water Is Used To Prepare The Coffee In A Keurig?

The tool is created to use tap water; however, you can use filtered or distilled water. Remember not to use softened water whenever you are using the machine.

If you do, the machine might stop working, following which you have to get it repaired again. Several machines are available for this brand that comes with a strong button.

Purchase the one that will fulfill your needs and uses multi stream technology. The technique saturates the coffee grounds while brewing, giving you a perfect aroma and flavor.

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