What Is the Difference Between a Latte and a Cappuccino

What Is the Difference Between a Latte and a Cappuccino

Cappuccino and latte are most probably the best beverages you like to have. Even though they are popular, distinguishing one from the other is tricky. Mainly because they contain the same ingredients, you may know the one you enjoy having the most. But, which one do you try to avoid?

The difference between these two is an exciting topic to discuss, especially with another coffee lover. In some cases, you want to ask your barista to break the differences down to you before purchasing either. And if it’s your first time having these drinks, you’ll want to know what makes one better from the other. If you are encountering this kind of confusion, I will guide you through it. Read on.

What Are the Differences Between a Cappuccino and Latte?

The ingredients that make these two beverages are the same. They are espresso beverages, so they contain espresso. They also both have steamed and foamed milk. The main difference comes during the preparation and serving process. In cappuccino, the spread of espresso, steamed, and foamed milk is uniform. Its layering is also precise. For a Latte, well, the amount of steamed milk is a lot. The foam is usually small. You can prepare a latte by first blending steamed milk and espresso.

How to Make a Cappuccino and a Latte?

As I have mentioned above, cappuccino and latte are two similar drinks. Even by looking at them, you can confuse one for the other. What tears them apart is how you make each and the number of ingredients you’ll need. This section will guide you on making these beverages.

Ingredients you need

  • espresso
  • Steamed milk
  • Milk foam
  • Chocolate powder

Procedure for Making a Cappuccino

1: Directly brew one or two shots of espresso into your cup.

2: Pour in steamed milk on top of your espresso.

3: Follow this with a thick layer of foam.

4: Top it up with chocolate powder.

Procedure for Making a Latte

1: The base for a latte is similar to that of a cappuccino; you need to pour one or two shots of espresso.

2: For better richness in the drink, add a considerable amount of steamed milk. Here you use milk in a large proportion. Milk ensures that your beverage is creamier.

3: Top the latter with foam.

The Taste and Texture of a Latte and a Cappuccino

The taste and texture of a cappuccino and a latte is also another disparity for these two. You already know that you use different amounts of milk in each. The foam that one uses also varies. These characteristics are also the main causes of differences in their taste and texture.

How Does a Cappuccino Taste?

One can characterize the taste of cappuccino as creamy. You’ll also feel some bitterness with some sweetness amidst this. However, the bitterness will depend on the espresso used in making it. If the espresso is bitter, then you will ultimately feel the bitterness in your cappuccino. These intense flavors come about because one uses less milk in making it.

Adding sugar will ultimately mitigate the bitterness. Also, if yours is served with some chocolate, you have to feel that taste.

The Texture of a Cappuccino

The texture of a cappuccino is rich with cream. It is almost similar to that of a latte. Here, the cream comes from both the milk and foam. But it is mostly from foam because when making it, you need to put several inches of it. You need 33% of your cappuccino to be foam. Therefore, for steamed milk and espresso, make them about two ounces each.

The foam of a cappuccino is usually thick. Its bubbles need to be tiny, and you should feel the smoothness as you have your drink.

How Does a Latte Taste?

Latte means milk, knowing this will be easy for you to distinguish it with a cappuccino. Therefore, expect to have much milk in it. More milk does not spoil the taste of your latte. It hides the acidic taste of espresso, which is, of course, bitter. However, you will still find its flavor. So if you cannot tolerate your coffee tasting slightly bitter, then this is your drink.  It is usually pretty chilled.

It is easy to use syrups with flavors in lattes. Some of the flavors one can use are such as vanilla, chocolate, and caramel. They will make your latte taste way better than when it has only the essential ingredients.

The Texture of a Latte

Unlike cappuccinos, whose foam comprises 33% of the drink, the amount is pretty small in a latte. The foam is usually thin and has fewer bubbles. The texture that best describes a latte is soft. Of course, because the amount of steamed milk in it is the highest among all other ingredients.

Which of the Two Has Two Has the Strongest Taste?

Of course, expect your cappuccino to be stronger than the latte. A latte is milkier, so the milk will somehow suppress the flavor of espresso.

The extra foam that is put in a cappuccino doesn’t take in the flavor of espresso. It’s the main reason why you’ll scale it out as the strongest one.

However, if you compare the caffeine’s strength, then one cannot rule out either of them. The amount of caffeine in both is the same.

Which Is the Best Beverage Between a Cappuccino and Latte?

When selecting either of these drinks, ensure you have in mind of what you want. Basically, how do you like your coffee? Knowing this will certainly give you an easy time when opting for one. Here are some of the things you should look out for when looking for the best pick.

1. Strength of Your Drink

If you like your beverage to be strong, the best pick will be a cappuccino. Even though the milk and espresso blend well, you will still feel the coffee flavors there.  A latte is usually mellow.

2. The Thickness of the Drink

If you can’t get enough foam in your drink, then go for a cappuccino. It mostly consists of foam that makes the drink thick. If you love your drink smooth and thin, go for a latte.

3. How Long Can a Drink Last You?

Do you want something that will take you throughout your road trip? Or that which you take before going to the office in the next few minutes? If you want something that will keep you busy for a while, then a latte will serve this purpose. It must be a latte because its consistency is not as thick as that of a cappuccino. On the contrary, purchase a cappuccino as your quick drink.

Which Is the Healthiest to Consume, a Latte or Cappuccino?

Selecting a healthier option of the two can be quite challenging. Both contain steamed milk and foam, which carry many calories. However, a latte includes a lot of milk, which means that it has the largest calories relative to cappuccino. So, the healthiest option is a cappuccino. Since milk seems to be the problem, you can substitute it with one which has lesser calories. Other great milk options are oat and almond milk. One can, however, conclude this as they base the healthiness of a product depending on the number of calories.

Do You Need to Have Chocolate Powder in Your Cappuccino and Latte?

It is a debate you most probably have with yourself when making your drink at home. Probably when ordering one from the cafe, it has chocolate in it. But is it necessary? Maybe it is essential for some people, but to some, it’s not. There is no specific rule on how one can make a cappuccino. That’s why you may find some people adding it while others don’t. So, you can settle into adding it. But better add it in your Cappuccino.

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